Put your school ahead with an easy scheduling & meeting solution

Provide your faculty, students and parents with a highly efficient and convenient all-in-one scheduler and virtual meeting platform. No download or technical skills required - simply get started in 2 minutes to manage meetings with ease!

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Host parent-teacher conferences, tutoring sessions, faculty meetings and more with MeetFox

MeetFox helps schools provide better communication and hassle-free booking, saving all parties time and hassle. Enjoy self-scheduling, an up-to-date calendar, automated reminders, and more to meet on time every time. Perfect for parents, students, and staff! 


Improve communication
& collaboration

Book appointments, set meetings, provide personal tutoring and virtually connect with ease, whether it be connecting staff with parents, students or other faculty members. 

Convenient scheduling 

Book appointments, set meetings, provide personal tutoring and virtually connect with ease, whether it be connecting staff with parents, students or other faculty members. 

Easy rescheduling

Life changes fast! MeetFox provides an easy cancel and reschedule option so no one has their time wasted. With one click a new time slot can be picked and everybody will be notified immediately.

Automated reminders

All parties will be notified and kept up to date with automatic SMS and emails reminders to ensure that nobody misses a meeting. No more back-and-forth, MeetFox handles everything for you.

One-click video meetings

Prevent technical delays or issues by using our fully integrated video meeting solution. Join any meeting by simply clicking on a link without having to download another software. Already got used to Zoom? Alternatively, you can integrate any third-party app to keep it simple.

All-in-one solution

Stop jumping between platforms and software. MeetFox can be fully embedded on your own website. Keep the entire interaction between staff, students & parents in one place and let them video chat without ever leaving your website.

Integrated & synced

Sync your calendar once and let MeetFox fill your schedule for you. MeetFox checks your real-time availability to prevent double or under booking.



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"We started using MeetFox during the pandemic and now cannot live without it anymore. Our teachers plan their parent-teacher conferences, office hours for students and tutoring sessions without spending a minute on scheduling. It is a great time-saver for our entire staff and the integrated video solution is a huge plus. It is the easiest video solution I have ever seen - all you need to do is click on a link and see the magic happen." 

Brittany R. Ayers - KENTON COUNTY K12

Get started instantly

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Create a booking link

Have your staff set up their accounts, sync their calendars, update their working hours (or available time slots) and be good to go! We will provide a link they can share to enjoy hassle-free booking.

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Share your booking link

Your staff can now share their link when necessary so parents, students or other staff members can book an appropriate meeting. Their link can go out anywhere from emails, social media, your school's website and more. 

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Offer convenient bookings

Your staff will be notified when they receive a booking and receive reminders as the appointment approaches. If there are any changes or delays, they will be notified once again, saving them time and energy.

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Host the meeting

Staff can now meet with other faculty, parents or students in the most convenient way possible. Both parties will be notified, minimizing no-shows and virtual meetings can be hosted on the platform with ease.

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Focus on teaching, let MeetFox handle the rest.

Free 15-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.