Effortlessly schedule & interview potential candidates

MeetFox is a premier scheduling and video software tool helping recruiters save hours of time and countless frustrations. Stop the time-consuming back and forth and easily schedule and meet potential candidates today.

Online scheduling solution for recruiters
Online booking form for recruiters and interviews

Hassle-free interview scheduling & booking

MeetFox streamlines the booking and scheduling process so you don't have to deal with the back and forth of manual scheduling or setting reminders. You simply set up available meeting times, send out a booking link and allow them to book a slot that works for them! Their booking time will be reserved, preventing double- or under-booking.


Spend more time interviewing & hiring and less time scheduling calls

MeetFox provides a comprehensive, proven, and secure scheduling software allowing recruiters to maximize their time, efficiency and workload. Enjoy full features from one-click scheduling, automated reminders, and more…

Hassle-free booking

Candidates will see your available interview time slots allowing them to select a time that works for them. No more phone-tag or manual scheduling for phone calls, video, or face-to-face meetings.

Updated interview schedule

Avoid double or under-booking with a 24/7 updated calendar. Sync with your calendar and upload available times and let MeetFox and candidates handle the rest. 

Automated reminders

Eliminate no-shows, last-minute cancellations and forgetfulness once and for all with personalized reminders. Automatic texts and emails will are generated and sent to candidates ensuring they have the time, details, and interview link. 

Integrated video meetings

Recruiters and candidates can experience video interviews without technical difficulties. MeetFox has a fully integrated video platform requiring just a link and no downloads!

Bulk interview sign up

Rather than dealing with one candidate at a time, send a booking link to all potential candidates. MeetFox prevents double-bookings, providing recruiters complete peace of mind and saving hours of scheduling every week. 

Record, screen share & more

Invite multiple participants to interviews, record interviews for later use, screen share, and more. MeetFox is built with recruiters in mind to improve the entire hiring process from start to finish.



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“I work remotely and adding video has made recruiting fun again. Clients and recruits think it's a nice touch. The calendar is head and shoulders above other tools I've used and then you have video! Love it.”


Get started in 4 easy steps

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Join MeetFox

Signup for free and setup your account, sync your calendar schedule and create your own booking link.

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Send candidates your booking link

Send out your booking link to one or multiple potential candidates. Set if you want to meet for a short introduction interview or an in-depth screening. MeetFox will ensure there are no double bookings.

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Automated Scheduling

Candidates will choose from available time slots and select a time that works for them. No more back and forth or manual scheduling. Receive bookings 24/7, saving both parties tons of time and hassle. 

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Interview candidates

Recruiters and candidates can now video chat on MeetFox by clicking on a simple link. No more worrying about technical issues causing delays and cancellations. 

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Recruiting made easy!

Join today if you are a recruiter looking to streamline the hiring process and save hours of time and hassle every day. Get started for free forever or select a plan better suited for your needs! 

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