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Leverage the MeetFox API for deeper integration with your product or business

Modernize your brand with integrations that bring speed and efficiency to any website, application or workflow.

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Increase the scope of your business by integrating different elements of MeetFox into your website or application with our easy to use API.

Booking dashboard with integrated payments
Booking dashboard with integrated payments

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Use a ready-made solution that fits your specific software needs so you can focus on building your business instead.

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Leverage the MeetFox API to create a seamless scheduling, video calling and payment experience with your own branding.

Booking dashboard with integrated payments

Getting started with the MeetFox API

The MeetFox API is REST-based and can be accessed independently and predictably using resource URLs. All REST APIs use the same set of developments standards, including:

  • JSON request and response
  • Authentication methods
  • Response Codes

All REST-based APIs that access private data hosted on MeetFox need tokens to access them. There are 2 ways to go about this:

  1. Using personal access tokens
  2. Using OAuth

MeetFox API Requirements:

  1. Enterprise plan: API access is managed on a client organization level.
  2. api_key: Unique and secret key provided upon request.
  3. client_id: Public key used to identify client organization provided upon request.

API Reference

To view our API documentation, please click here.

API Use Cases

Sign in using Single Sign On (SSO)

The Single Sign On features allows your organization’s users to access the MeetFox application without having to create a separate MeetFox account. All approved members in your organization will be automatically authenticated and redirected to the MeetFox application -- no separate login or separate account will be required.

Once logged in, your team members will be able to use MeetFox as if it were an extension of your own website: helping your team with all their scheduling, video calling and payment processing needs.

Keep in mind that the most common use case for a SSO is whitelabeling. Your organization would be able to apply their brand name onto the MeetFox solution. To understand this better, the SSO setup would typically work like this:

  1. Validate users of the MeetFox app within your organization using the user management API endpoints.
  2. Upload your brand logo/image to be displayed within the app.
  3. Create a “Sign In” button on your website that links to our MeetFox app.

That’s it!

The next time an authorized user needs to sign in to the customized MeetFox app, the user clicks the “Sign in” button and is automatically redirected to their personal dashboard inside the app — no separate login account needed. The experience will look just like a single, seamless application.

Check our API documentation to learn more about how to set up Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization here.

Embed MeetFox

Embed the MeetFox appointment scheduling functionality on any website as a floating pop-up widget, pop-up button or an inline modal.

You can learn more about how to embed MeetFox directly into your organization’s website here.