Web design mentor uses MeetFox to save time

Emma Kate is a WordPress educator, who helps designers navigate the world of web development by offering different educational materials as well as mentoring services. 

Her goal is to help her clients figure out the demands of web development and learn the tricks of using WordPress in a stress-free manner and accessible language for starters in the field.

In her business, similarly to many others, saving time is a holy grail and when she found out about MeetFox, she jumped at the chance to integrate it into her business. The fact that MeetFox integrates a video conferencing solution with scheduling and payment options was essential to her:

“Before using MeetFox I used a different service. I jumped at the chance to join the MeetFox bandwagon when I saw it had all the features I wanted (email reminders, ability to take payments, and more) at a fraction of the price. Plus all the awesome features they had in the pipeline were impressive.”

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how MeetFox is helping Emma grow her business and why you could also benefit from using it:

Landing page screenshot of emmakate.co

“I don’t even have that many meetings but MeetFox still saves me time each and every week.”

One aspect that makes it so well worth it to use MeetFox is the flexibility that the booking system offers. Whether it is a client, a coworker, or someone who wants to inquire about her services, Emma can just send them a link to book a meeting and voila! No need for back and forth emails or headaches caused by converting different time zones, our software will figure that out for you. Just set your availability, and let us take care of all the rest! 

“I don’t even have that many meetings but MeetFox still saves me time each and every week. It’s super easy just to send clients and colleagues a link to book a meeting at a time that suits them without all the time zone conversion headaches and back & forth via email.”

Keep it connected across different channels

Omnichannel marketing is something many businesses are starting to recognize the importance of. Providing seamless customer experience across all channels of a business is no longer a wild dream, but is slowly starting to become a necessity. You want your clients to be able to reach you, whatever their preferred communication channel might be. It’s true that there are many things to be considered when developing such a strategy and using the right tools to facilitate its execution is one of them. 

The way that MeetFox can aid your business’ efforts in that direction is by allowing you to include our booking across many channels of your choice, such as websites, emails or social media pages. This is something that Emma knows too well about and is using to her benefit:

“Adding a booking link to your website, email footer or in relevant emails you send out will save you so many time zone headaches and back & forth emails.”

Scale up your business

Most of the times, new beginnings are no easy thing to go through, but when you have the knowledge, the right people around you and the right tools in your “virtual” bag, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. As a small business owner herself, Emma has been through that and succeeded and we are glad that we were able to help her in this journey! After almost starting from scratch, she can now proudly say that her expertise is helping hundreds of people learn about web development and streamline their web businesses.

“I started using MeetFox at the beginning of my new business and since then it’s grown exponentially. I now have over 400 students and hold 1:1 training sessions with many of them using MeetFox.”

Final thoughts

Ultimately, using MeetFox has allowed Emma to dedicate more time to her customers, minimize the time spent on mundane tasks and improve the customer experience across different touchpoints.