Stop Wasting Time: 5 things that are costing you money each week

The clock ticks even when you do not realize it. Every second spend on things that do not provide value to you or your clients means less time spent with your family, your friends, or your clients.

Inefficiencies make your company less competitive, which is costly in an already saturated market. You cannot run a company and waste money on time-consuming tasks, it would be like a captain trying to steer a leaking ship. So let us show you how using 5 simple tips will save your company loads of money!

With MeetFox’s platform, you could really transform your consulting/coaching company. We can help you to eliminate timely tasks from your day to day business. Our platform can be integrated into your website, social media and emails, saving clients loads of time and increasing the chances of bookings. The service enables you to schedule, remind and meet up with your client all in one place.

Lack of motivation

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice you could follow as someone running your own company is to stay motivated. This means mixing things up. Don’t stay doing the same administrative or boring task for too long and be sure to give yourself breaks.

Moreover, you are far more productive if you work a few hours at a time, rather than dragging your demotivated behavior all through the day. Dividing your day up and setting boundaries are key tools used in any successful business.

Ultimately, increased motivation leads to increased productivity, enabling you to book more meetings and increase revenue.


As Coaches or Consultants, you will constantly have a barrage of calls and meetings to organize. You will always have administrative work, but the time you spend on arranging meetings could significantly be reduced. You will be able to save money either by the increased time you have for meetings or from not having to hire someone to arrange your meetings.

Scheduling involves a lot of back-and-forth emailing and calls. However, with MeetFox, you can avoid wasting time on never-ending dialogues. MeetFox can offer a simple solution to avoid this hassle and lets clients easily book based on availability. Our platform also allows you to maximize your time slots, to prevent you turning down clients. All that clients have to do is simply click on your booking link. Clients can access your link at any time to schedule a meeting with you. We will make your service more approachable, easy and flexible for all your clients; whilst saving you money.


Once you have finally arranged a meeting with your clients, we ask ‘how many times have you had to reschedule your meetings?’.

You can not afford to waste time chasing up clients, nor can you afford to lose out on timeslots that were allocated to people who didn’t show up. You need an automated system that reminds clients via multiple mediums to attend the meeting. MeetFox can offer text and email reminders automatically to ensure that neither you nor the client forgets about a booking.

Reminders improve the productivity of your business and the customer experience, boosting your revenue.


You often don’t factor in the time it takes to collect money from clients, but on average it takes 30 days for customers to pay.

Chasing and organizing payments are time-consuming tasks that waste hours of time, that you could otherwise use to earn money. With MeetFox, the payment service is fully automated, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Not any other service provides a one-stop-shop for all your needs, as a consultant, like MeetFox.


Overthinking tasks and micromanaging are the two worst things you can do whilst running a business. It is understandable that you want to be a perfectionist when starting a company. But you need to divide up your time and be strict with how you allocate it, to boost output. Set yourself a timetable and be organized. If you let certain tasks to get the better of you, you will be wasting hours of potential income.

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