The Top 21 Coaches to Look Out For in 2021

Generally, coaches have tons of business experience and have made a living out of helping other businesses (new & old) bring their business goals and dreams to fruition. We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 coaches to look out for in 2021.

Managing a business can be very exciting, a lot of fun and, well, very stressful.  You’re thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  You’re thinking about all of the things that you hope go right.  You’re trying to forget that thing you heard about new businesses and the first three years…yadda, yadda, yadda.  You want to be the exception to the rule.  The breakout success story.  You’re so focused on what you don’t want to happen, you overlook the one thing that you really should be doing:  planning your success story and not just hoping that you’re a success story.  More often than not, the latter is a business owner’s narrative.  Why is that? What can be done to change that?  

The good news is that there are great resources available for established and new businesses owners, alike.  Business coaches are always looking for a new business to sink their teeth into.  Generally, coaches have tons of business experience and have made a living out of helping other businesses (new & old) bring their business goals and dreams to fruition.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 coaches to look out for in 2021.


1. Dr. Travis Fox

Holding degrees in Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Travis is a master trainer and business coach. Armed with 25 years of experience, Dr. Fox teaches architecting sales, branding, communication, marketing and corporate cultures for both private and public corporations. Utilizing his skills for personality profiling, effective listening, focused concentration and rapport building, Travis’ method has effectively helped improve corporations, entrepreneurs, and product messaging, guiding them to the heart of their message.

Dr. Travis Fox portrait

2. Alison Grimley

Alison is a women’s empowerment and self-help coach who is interested, per her own words, in “helping heart-centered women break free from emotional overwhelm while they rediscover and learn to love themselves again”. A traumatic life experience has catapulted Alison into the spotlight of helping others find the light that eluded her in her darkest hours. Thus, her mission is to show other women what is possible and show them how she was able to get to where she is today by sharing the tools she has developed to build a strong sense of self-worth, and facilitate growth & empowerment.

Alison Grimley portrait

3. Maurice W. Evans

Maurice is an internationally known business coach, author, trainer and motivational speaker. After having spoken in front of hundreds of thousands of people (both virtually and in-person) across the last 20 years, Maurice earned a reputation as a dynamic, entertaining and informative presenter that always adds value to any event no matter the duration of his time on the platform.
As a virtual marketing expert, Maurice helps brands create communities and monetizing them in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Maurice W. Evans portrait

4. Matthew Pollard

Matthew is a consultant, speaker, blogger, author, mentor, coach, and serial entrepreneur and founder of Rapid Growth, LLC. A self-professed introvert who grew up with a visual processing disorder, Matthew has worked tirelessly to help people and businesses achieve their goals. He is now widely regarded as an inspirational example of how adversity in life seeds the success of the future.
Matthew’s been responsible for five multimillion-dollar success stories of his own, transformed over 3500 struggling businesses worldwide, and founded Small Business Festival, listed by INC. as among the Top-5 business conferences in the nation.

Matthew Pollard portrait

5. Tatiana Mero

Tatiana is a social media guru whose interests lie in driving your businesses social media presence and content. A marketing strategist, Tatiana specializes in growing a strong social media presence for clients. She offers free training, a class where she talks about what you need to start a new side hustle, as well as an eBook about mastering Instagram presence.

Tatiana Mero Portrait

6. Galit Ventura-Rozen

Galit is a business performance expert who works with women who have new and existing businesses. She takes pride in helping women’s dreams come true. Galit is extremely passionate about coaching and mentoring other women to success. She has many years of experience in coaching, mentoring and public speaking, to name a few of her many attributes.

Galit Ventura-Rozen portrait

7. Lynne Edris

Lynne has been a Business Coach for professionals for over a decade. If your career is not advancing and if you’re struggling to stay afloat, Lynne Edris is the person you will want to call. Her mission is to help smart, capable professionals reach their potential and get past limiting behaviors. Having struggled with organization, time management and procrastination, she has the knowledge and insights to help you overcome these adversities and unleash the best version of yourself.

Lynne Edris portrait

8. Lisa Larter

Lisa is a coaching and marketing strategist who is a master at integrating modern marketing with effective business strategy to capture leads and revenue growth opportunities. She offers customized coaching and advisory programs for individuals and groups. Her team’s marketing strategy expertise aims to help businesses in various facets of their online marketing efforts, such as social media marketing, web design and development, copywriting, newsletters, blog management.

Lisa Larter portrait

9. Heather Hartman

Heather is a business & visibility coach whose passion is to uplift female entrepreneurs. Leveraging her past self-esteem issues into a business, her main goal is to ensure no other female suffers the same fate. She teaches women how to run their businesses from a feminine paradigm and monetize them while relying on the importance of self-confidence and belief in what they have to offer.

Heather Hartman portrait

10. Lisa Porter

Lisa is a business coach for female entrepreneurs. She ‘helps female coaches, experts, consultants, authors and service-based business owners, amplify their reach and profits so they can achieve six-figure freedom while doing what they love’. She offers free resources, such as the Spark and Profit podcast, and created a community for female entrepreneurs, The Six Figure Female Entrepreneur Society. Lisa boasts over 12 years of online business experience and focuses not on doing all the things, but on strategically choosing the right marketing activities for each business.

Lisa Porter portrait

11. Stefanie Gass

Stefanie’s purpose, as a professional coach, is to empower females to overcome their fears and obstacles to become confident businesswomen. She worked in corporate for years and was a 6 figure a year employee but burned out pretty quickly. After doing an overhaul, she discovered her passion for helping women and has been full-steam-ahead ever since. Offering her advice through 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but also sharing free knowledge in her “The Mompreneur Mastermind Show” podcast and on her blog, Stefanie is a great source of information for mompreneurs worldwide.

Stefanie Gass portrait

12. Yulia Tarbath

Yulia’s interests lie in health & wellness.  Her passion is helping health and wellness coaches attract and retain clients, making an impact with their businesses and growing their businesses into, at least, 6 figures. Yulia got her start in the plant-based, raw food niche and has grown exponentially from there. Now she aims to help other health coaches improve their business strategy so that they can work less and earn more while still serving their customers properly.  She’s a certified health coach and has been coaching for over 7 years.  

Yulia Tarbath portrait

13. Marilia Ortiz

Marilia is a professional business coach and marketing strategist that specializes in assisting female entrepreneurs with turning their ideas into a profitable business. She has almost 20 years of experience in communications, specializing in multi-cultural advertising and digital marketing. Marilia is an expert in helping clients launch, grow and/or expand their businesses.

Marilia Ortiz portrait

14. Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey is a professional business coach that specializes in coaching small business owners on how to get referrals. She masters this without actually asking for referrals. If you find yourself wanting to stand out in a saturated market, Stacey is also the resident expert in this area. So, if you need referrals for your business and want to get those referrals without asking, without manipulation or sounding inauthentic, Stacey Brown Randall is your go-to person.

Stacey Brown Randall portrait

15. Carol Ann DeSimine

What Carol is set out to achieve is leading other women to live an empowered life. She has multiple certifications and awards for her work. AlignBelieveCreate is a formula for building a 6 figure company. Carol believes that if you align with your soul’s calling, believe in your power, you will create what you need to excel in your business. She has more than 20 years of experience and offers business mentorship in group programs, 1-on-1, as well as offering support for writing and publishing books with her proprietary process.

Carol Ann DeSimine portrait

16. Anne Ryan

Anne is a professional coaching strategist. She walked away from corporate life and never looked back. She has founded a coaching program built on her “Five Pillars of Success” framework. Anne fancies herself as a personal development junkie. She has over 5 years of coaching experience and inspires women in business to make more money, achieve their goals while reducing stress and regrets.

Anne Ryan portrait

17. Latika Vines

Latika is a lifestyle coach and founder of Visionary Initiative LLC, which offers career development and coaching services for working mothers. She is a proactive, performance-driven career development professional whose work is aimed at delivering customized solutions for high performing working mothers to successfully balance work and life. Latika has almost 15 years of experience in coaching, mentoring and training.

Latika Vines portrait

18. Jen Hemphill

Jen is a subject matter expert in money management. As a finance coach, she specializes in helping individuals develop a more positive attitude about money. Saving money and digging yourself out of debt are two of the first steps she teaches in managing your money. Helping individuals to gain money confidence is her speciality and that’s what is talked about in her podcast, “Her Dinero Matters”.

Jen Hemphill portrait

19. Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Susan is a wellness coach with a focus on physical and mental wellness. She helps people worldwide to reduce stress, prevent burnout, improve mental health, and live with increased wellness and resilience. She is a medical doctor, coach, public speaker and author. Helping others to balance the stress in their lives, in a healthy way, is one of her greatest passions.

Dr. Susan Biali Haas portrait

20. Andrea Metcalf

Andrea has over 30 years of coaching and training experience and is one of the country’s top fitness experts. Her main focus is helping others lead a healthier life. Andrea coaches clients on matters such as reducing stress and pain, how to rest better, how to eat better and how to get and stay fit. Guiding people on how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle is one of her greatest passions.

Woman doing stretching yoga pose

21. Anna Scheller

Anna is a dynamic Keynote Speaker with a heart to help people create more sales. As an educator for over 20 years, she has the skills to provide learning in a fresh and engaging perspective.

She has a unique style that combines sales with training. As a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, she combines the black belt mindset with sales training to provide engaging and thought-provoking training.

Every month Anna leads a free sales training workshop and attends regular keynote speaker events to help sales professionals expand their network and practice sales skills in a safe environment. Her passion as a sales trainer is to empower people to elevate their results and realize their significant contribution to life. Among others, she has spoken to dealerships, financial institutions, as well as leadership classes for the local Chamber of Commerce.  She conducts coaching workshops and webinars for clients all over the world.

Anna Scheller portrait

The bottom line

You MUST plan for the success of your business. I would suggest exploring every coaching resource and outlet available to ensure that your business is a success. There is a tremendous benefit in having a clear vision and set goals for your business. Coaching has been proven to alleviate a lot of pressure in decision-making when it comes to business affairs. So, relax and let the pros help get you where you want to go.

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