How can mortgage brokers benefit from using MeetFox?

A mortgage broker is someone who functions as an intermediary between mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders, whose job is to connect the two parties and seek out the best fit considering the borrower’s financial situation and interest rate needs. Their job involves a lot of direct communication with their clients (the borrowers) and their partners (the lenders). Considering the fact that accepting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments that most people are faced with in their lives, it is the broker’s responsibility to gain the trust of their clients and facilitate transparent communication between those involved in the transaction. 

Add the corona pandemic into the picture and you get a tricky situation from the mortgage brokers’ point of view. How do they manage to stay in business, keep their flow of customers incoming and maintain the same high standard service? 

In this article, we will look into the story of David Imler, a mortgage broker agent at The Mortgage Center who uses MeetFox to offer his clients an easy way to get in contact with him when physical meetings are not possible.

Portrait picture of meeting broker David Imler

Schedule coordination

As you can imagine, the process of buying a new house can be pretty stressful and daunting for the buyer, and one of the most important mortgage broker’s responsibilities is to collect the necessary financial statements and documents from the borrower, assess their ability to secure financing and then pass on this information to the potential lenders for approval. This is a process that requires a good understanding of the requirements from all parties involved. To ensure that his clients receive the best possible service and that he can be there to advise them when needed, David started using MeetFox to simplify the process of scheduling appointments. Moreover, he found it really useful that now with Meetfox’s functionalities, the scope of each meeting is much better defined. 

“In our business, everything has gone virtual.  MeetFox has helped to simplify the back and forth coordination of schedules with others, and also be intentional about why we're meeting.  This has helped us to tighten up some of our internal processes as well and be a little more intentional about our client experience.”

Clean and professional look

In David’s profession, as in many others, the way that a (potential) customer perceives you can often make the difference between closing a sale and losing them to your competitors. David had an inspirational moment when he noticed the MeetFox booking link in one of his friends’ email signature. He liked the look of it so much and the professional feel it added to the email that he decided to look into what it is and whether it would be an option for him as well. It didn’t take long for him to sign up for MeetFox after that and he hasn’t looked back since. If you want to add the MeetFox ‘booking button’ to your email signature, it is really easy to do.

A friend of mine had it on his email signature and I was impressed how clean and professional his calendar-booking app was. You had me at hello.

Final thoughts

To sum up, David can now spend more time focusing on the actual scope of his work, without having to worry about wasting time on coordinating the scheduling with his customers and partners. The time saved from that can be used on a multitude of other tasks that can help him grow his business and improve on the customer experience side of things.