MeetFox Vs Calendly: Which is Better

MeetFox and Calendly both offer superb online appointment scheduling features and great integrations for your website and social pages. We'll discuss the key differences and help you decide which is better for your business.

What makes an online business successful? It’s the ability to seamlessly offer your client top-notch services without breaking a sweat! This rests on the use of the right software tools when reaching your client. Both MeetFox and Calendly are such tools. But which is more ideal?

Quick Overview

If you’re too busy to read through, we understand! Here’s an overview of the whole article in a few paragraphs!

MeetFox and Calendly are SaaS (Software as a Service) products that have similar features. They offer superb online appointment scheduling features and website integration capabilities. Moreover, each product enables online payments through integrating with payment platforms such as Stripe and PayPal.    

Despite their similarities, however, MeetFox has an added advantage: It combines online appointment scheduling and video conferencing in one software. This feature is a game changer making MeetFox an ‘all-in-one solution’. Moreover, the SaaS leverages this addition to offer you better customer support while remaining highly cost-effective.

Also, having a video conferencing solution supercharges MeetFox’s ability to offer customer service through its onboarding call offer. You’ll get professional help to set up your account and ensure you’re all set for your client!

MeetFox and Calendly: Similar features

Stress-free online scheduling - Both MeetFox and Calendly are powerful appointment scheduling software that rid you of the numerous back and forth emails between you and your client. These tools sync with calendar(s), thus automatically filling up your schedule whenever a client books. More importantly, both provide a booking link that can be embedded into your website and social media platforms.

Multiple calendars - Both MeetFox and the Calendly app make provision for multiple Google and Outlook calendars. While bookings are added to the primary calendar only, the multiple calendar detection feature looks across all added calendars to deter overbooking. MeetFox allows up to 11 calendars against Calendly’s 6.

Automatic time-zone detection - MeetFox and Calendly automatically detect your time zone and convert your meeting time to conform with the same.

Payment Integrations - Integrations with Stripe and PayPal greatly simplifies the payment process by prompting the client to either enter their card details (as with Stripe) or login to their PayPal account for payment processing. A transaction receipt is automatically emailed to them upon payment completion.

Website integrations - Website integrations allow the user to embed a booking link into your website, meaning that the client doesn’t have to leave the website to book a meeting with you. This link can also be inserted into the company’s social media page, from where a meeting can be scheduled.


While both software products share numerous similarities, MeetFox goes over and beyond to provide you with that extra something. Here’s how:

MeetFox Video Conferencing: The Ultimate Solution

While MeetFox strives to streamline the scheduling process, it goes a step further and offers video conferencing tools. This feature gives you a variety of capabilities, including the screen sharing and recording feature. It is tastefully easy to use and operates in-browser, meaning no downloads. MeetFox provides a link that is sent to the meeting participants from where they access the virtual meeting room.

Calendly, on the other hand, integrates with video conferencing solutions such as Zoom and Google Meet. This inevitably makes MeetFox a more cost-effective option.

MeetFox is More Cost-Effective For Medium Size Businesses

MeetFox Vs Calendly + Zoom
MeetFox versus Calendly + Zoom

Calendly does not have a video conferencing feature, meaning you may have to supplement the lack with another software, say Zoom, which charges an additional $12.49. That means you pay over $20 where you would only $10/month to have your video call!

With MeetFox, you get a wide array of online functionalities; including payment platforms, scheduling tools and more importantly, in this case, video conferencing facilities, all under one roof. It means that a business gets a raft of solutions in one payment.

Customer Support

Having a video-conferencing tool greatly enhances MeetFox’s customer support capabilities. Aside from offering email and live chat support, MeetFox also offers an onboarding call, through which you can get face to face customer support. The video-conferencing tool is useful to you not only as an everyday meeting tool with your client, but also as an onboarding medium as you set up your MeetFox account.  

Ultimately, businesses (and individuals) will always seek out and choose the ‘best fit’. When you compare the two online appointment scheduling software, you realize that one offers more and goes the extra mile to ensure that the company finds everything it needs. You decide.

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