How can attorneys simplify daily business operations?

Learn how Ashley McMahan moved her entire business to the online world and was able to satisfy her clients' needs during the pandemic.

The current COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the necessity for companies and businesses across all industries to adapt to exceptional circumstances. They must quickly adopt new offline and online tools to continue operating. Some companies have successfully done so, while others have struggled to integrate online tools. Fortunately, tools like MeetFox have made it possible for companies to easily and efficiently run their businesses online.

Going digital using MeetFox

It was only a matter of time before legal firms jumped on the digital bandwagon, and MeetFox has been a successful tool in helping them do so.

Ashley McMahan is an attorney at The Law Ladies and by definition, she has an extremely busy schedule. Finding the time, between her court schedule and meeting with clients, to set up new appointments can be challenging. Therefore, Ashley was quickly convinced that MeetFox, an online meeting platform, would make her day-to-day routine a lot simpler by allowing clients to book consultations with her based on real-time availability.

As she works closely with her clients, Ashley has to constantly touch base with them to discuss each case. Thanks to MeetFox, every client has the opportunity to contact Ashley straight away via her booking link on her email signature. Moreover, both Ashley and her client save time by not having to commute and meet face-to-face.

Ashley mentions that her clients are extremely happy with meeting her online, especially those who struggle to come to the office. Ashley cares for the well-being of her clients and understands the importance of each case. Since implementing MeetFox into her business, Ashley has witnessed her law firm grow even more.

“My clients are thrilled that they can get a face to face update on their case from the convenience of their home”

MeetFox supports the attorney-client relationship

The attorney-client relationship is always based on trust and transparency, and MeetFox promotes this. MeetFox has helped Ashley continue to build strong relationships with her clients via online and in-person meetings, while maintaining the visual contact she values between herself and her clients.

“Seeing who you are working with for an attorney-client relationship is so important, it’s part of the trust you place in each other.”

Before using MeetFox, during very busy times, clients would have to wait a day or even weeks until they could meet her. MeetFox also arranges her daily calendar to show her real-time availability. This allows new or recurring clients to book a meeting hassle-free. No need to call or send an email back-and-forth, just in a matter of seconds: booking confirmed!

Furthermore, MeetFox prioritizes secure communication lines to continue fostering safe spaces for meeting participants, such as partnering with reliable and GDPR compliant companies. You can read more about these features and processes here.

MeetFox promotes efficiency

Ashley is always working against the clock and efficiency is key to her success. It is important to be able to have a quick online consultation with a client if she has any last-minute questions or updates. MeetFox makes this possible as Ashley can send a link to her client and have an immediate meeting.

“Now, we can send them a link immediately to schedule their consultations.”

With MeetFox, Ashley can continue to grow her business and give her clients the attention they need, while still saving time. She can be booked and have video calls in seconds. She can even use ai-based chatbots to provide an amazing user experience to her clients.

Legal firms are not going digital for their sakes only. They do so to have a smooth flowing attorney-client relationship. Running a successful business is not only about being good at what you do, but it is about maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients. Ashley is investing in online meeting tools such as MeetFox to build great rapport with her new and existing clients, and it is delivering promising results.

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