Importance of Communication: Why Your Online Meetings Need Video

Video calls help to provide long-distance collaboration, save money and improve overall efficiency across your organization. Here are some of the best advantages to utilizing video technology.

The global pandemic of Covid-19  brought a massive increase in using online video for meetings and conferences. Many companies work with teams of professionals that are either traveling often or have offices in multiple cities. Video calls are a great way to bring your people together. 

Maybe your business has become part of the rising remote workforce, where you have people working from the comforts of home in all areas of the country. If your brand has not done this already, adopting video conferencing is an excellent management move. 

But what are the benefits of promoting video conferences for online meetings?

If your business utilizes audio conferences for communication, adding video is more beneficial than the old phone call. Video calls help to provide long-distance collaboration, save money and improve overall efficiency across your organization. Here are some of the best advantages to utilizing video technology.

Building Relationships

Working from a distance is challenging. When people can meet face-to-face or work side by side in an office, they establish a personal connection and build trust with one another. Picking up verbal and non-verbal cues can be done by being in close proximity. However, with remote working and travel, this does not occur.

Video conferencing is the way to bridge that communication and connection gap. Your service professionals and staff will still be able to connect personally, even when they cannot meet in person. 

It is crucial to show your face and allow others to see you help promote those bonds between people. Internal teams can work more fluently together when you can’t hide emotions, so seeing when someone is more engaged and listening intently during meetings, and interacting creates stronger connections within those teams.

Saving Time

Everyone is familiar with the saying “time is money.” This cliche statement also holds valid with video conferencing since you save time from trying to work through any obstacles or discrepancies through an email, where sometimes it can be challenging to explain things. 

Video also helps to reduce confusion or wait on an email to arrive for clarification. In addition, most businesses have discovered that video conferences help lessen the amount of time to complete projects or tasks. 

More Engaging 

There is no longer any “zoning out” or not really paying attention when you are on a video conference instead of an audio conference. People have to keep some semblance of virtual eye contact since everyone is within sight on video. That keeps your staff more engaged and attentive.

It also keeps people trying to do other things during meetings if you have a video on your face when you are on a video conference instead of an audioconference there. While it isn’t entirely impossible, it’s a lot less likely you’ll be letting your eyes wander all-around to do other tasks when others are watching you. Therefore, you have no choice but to be more attentive to what is happening on the screen.

There is some evidence that video conference is preferred to audio conferencing because it improves the quality of communication between colleagues. For example, a study showed that 62% of executives feel that video conferences improved not only communication but that understanding was better between departments and staff members. 

Staying More Organized and Collaborated

Keeping things more organized also comes in handy during a video conference. Rather than struggling with disconnected technology, you’re already on the computer, so the technology is right there. As a result, essential updates can be relayed more efficiently across the organization.

For example, each department or division within the company can easily display sales, marketing trends, monitoring, growth, analysis, and tracking with systems utilizing Geniuslink's link management tool with just the touch of a button. In addition, sharing screens makes it simple to keep your teams aligned and relevant to all new information.

Real-time activities like editing or examining necessary documentation are easy to access. It makes it for people to explore what they need to say and be able to contribute to the discussion.

Improving Efficiency and Productivity 

Having to contend with messages that might get missed or long email chains are eradicated when conversing over video. You can hear inflection and tone that you can’t see in the written words on a screen. 

When having the power to be on video and work together, your business allows its employees to have a voice and provide feedback. People who have questions will have them addressed right away. You can tackle obstacles and brainstorm as a team to make sure that everyone understands tasks and projects before you move on with your workday, which streamlines and feeds productivity and makes meetings more efficient.

Maintaining Accurate Records 

Have you ever had an instance when working where you wanted to recall a meeting or discussion that took place? Usually, most meetings had a secretary or someone who would take notes about the meeting. However, those notes usually only entail the forum’s highlights and don’t cover a lot of detail.

With video conferencing the ability to record your meetings, you can also easily have them transcribed with the most accurate and minute details so that nothing will get missed. You can refer back to them quickly and share them with those who couldn’t attend, which helps keep your teams all on the same page going forward.

Guest Speakers and Video Classes

Many people have taken to creating video courses and workshops, embracing technology to help them bring people more value. When you utilize these techniques in your company, you can also provide a high advantage to your employees.

Video conferences allow you to invite guest speakers from other successful divisions, departments, or other brands altogether who are willing to help spark innovation across your business. The best part of this is that the speakers can literally come from anywhere since they could just as simply video in from home. So, if there’s a particular person you have in mind, you might be able to invite them into your conference to bring a lot of insight to your specific teams.

You can also create more video-based classes to help train new folks and provide a more entertaining way of doing it. Helping to update other employees or brush up skills can also be done with a fun and interactive video.

Eliminating Redundancy

Companies have found more value with video conferencing for solutions as a whole. However, sometimes when things get relayed from team to team or department to leader, it does not always come across correctly. The worst part of having items or information dispatched without a solid communication platform is that you will hear the same thing from multiple areas. 

Video conferencing takes out the redundancy that can happen with communications. Complex issues or things that need to be addressed can be done in just one place, instead of being spread out across the company or repeated over and over. 


No matter your view on web conferences, there are many reasons that video is beneficial within the workforce. Fostering more personal connections, staying more focused and on task, making meetings more productive, and effectively relaying communications are just a few ways interacting over video creates a better, lasting impression for your business to expand.

Video conferencing allows you to enable yourself for the more digitized future. If your business has not yet added video conferencing as a means of communication and removed audio conferences, it is now or never. 

Embracing technology and reaping the benefits that video provides your organization can propel processes, departments, and leadership to the next level and help promote more growth and success in ways you might not have considered. 

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