4 CRM Tools to Manage Your Clients

CRM tools can be a real game-changer for any company - no matter the size. An easy CRM will ensure you are keeping track of your clients and potential leads while never missing an opportunity.

Any sales team that respects itself (and that calls itself a true salesforce) needs to have a way to manage the clients it speaks to. It’s not enough to just call and email clients, hoping for the best, and playing it by ear. A huge part of any sales person’s job is to manage clients so that they’re aware of what happened, what needs to happen, and what the next steps will be. Companies underestimate how many potential clients are lost due to simple misplacing and disorganized sales practices. Simple Excel spreadsheets just don’t cut it anymore, nowadays we’re lucky to have a ton of fantastic Customer Relationship Management software designed to make sales teams’ jobs easier and more efficient. Below, I’ve compiled a shortlist of 4 companies who take the CRM business very seriously, and do a great job at it!

1. Salesboom CRM

Salesboom defines itself as the launching pad, command center, and rocket ship to blast your business into the next world. While very imaginative, Salesboom really does do a great job of creating a seamless CRM experience. Salesboom is robust, professional, and seems to be integrated with almost everything (Skype for Business, Facebook, Google, Twilio, Slack, and many more). The software is also fully customizable and can be tailored to fit your current or future business processes. Since it’s so customizable, this CRM is perfect for pretty much any user – just choose what you need most and work with that.

2. Apptivo CRM

What makes Apptivo special is that it puts its focus on both their clients (you) as well as the clients you’ll hopefully acquire. Their testimonials mention their fantastic customer support – a thing that is super important when using complicated professional software. Apptivo also seems to have an endless list of features and a solid system that makes the entire software scalable. A good CRM should work for small businesses starting out as well as for larger and more successful ones (hopefully the small businesses become successful). That is exactly what Apptivo does right and that is why people love it. One more thing – Apptivo has a great app that makes it all the better for managing clients when you’re away from your computer.

3. Yetiforce

What makes Yetiforce stand out? Flexibility and innovativeness. That’s how Yetiforce describes itself and it seems that they’re pretty spot on. First off, Yetiforce is open source which already puts it in a group of its own. It takes a community approach to improve the tool and wants you – the client – to take part in that process. There’s no better way to know what your clients want than to ask them, and that’s what Yetiforce does. It’s a reassuring feeling that Yetiforce puts such a strong focus on their clients because it means that their CRM will strengthen the relationships with your clients. The CRM’s UI is great, it’s easy to use, and everything is simple to install and manage. The best part? It’s free!

4. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a fully customizable enterprise-ready and feature-rich CRM solution. It takes a similar approach to Yetiforce by being open source and also has the benefit of being extremely customizable. SuiteCRM is highly professional with a specific gearing towards enterprise businesses. It offers great technology independence and flexibility, minus the headache of license fees. SuiteCRM’s community is huge, and that’s not an exaggeration. It has a total of 4 million users with 107K community members. It also works in 69 languages and 2,074 translators involved with making this a great CRM tool. SuitCRM’s entire strategy is to “listen to the people” by letting them take part in developing the tool itself. All-in-all, a fantastic open source CRM tool.

Now that you know the CRM tools to manage your clients, you must also know sales process tips for every stage of the process.

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