How a Content Marketer Improves Customer Touchpoints

Julian Gumny offers his Content Marketing expertise to startups and personal brands and frequently writes updates on his personal blog - Kreative Nomader

He is a very passionate copywriter who loves his craft and sharing knowledge to help others achieve great results with content marketing.

In his business, seamless communication with his customers and prospects is something that many professionals strive to achieve. 

“As an online marketing professional, every touchpoint with the client has to be frictionless. MeetFox gives me an edge over the competition.”

Let’s have a look at how Julian is improving his customer journey and in what measure MeetFox is helping with reaching this goal that so many online marketers are after.

Julian Gumny holding a coffee cup in front of modern art wall

“I simply put in my available days and MeetFox takes care of the rest”

Prior to using MeetFox, Julian was using a basic contact form on his website to allow people to reach out to him, but as he acknowledged, that was no longer good enough and he started looking for a more complete solution to handle bookings. He went on researching various software that could do that and that’s how he came across MeetFox.

Not only does MeetFox help Julian’s customers contact him more efficiently, but implementing MeetFox in the booking process ended up saving him a lot of time too. Sending emails back and forth when scheduling was starting to take up considerable amounts of time for him, but now he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, as the whole process is now automatized:

“I only used a normal contact form before, but that just doesn't cut it anymore. With MeetFox my clients can book a date directly without the back and forth of email. The scheduling was a headache and I was tired of the constant scheduling and rescheduling. Now I simply put in my available dates and MeetFox takes care of the rest.”

A more professional and sleek look

Another benefit that came together with using MeetFox is represented by the ability to include booking options across different communication channels, such as emails or social media. Julian has now included the Meetfox booking link in his email signature and claims that this has made it easier for him to sell his services to people who already know him and that he actively communicates with. His customers seem to really appreciate the new changes as well:

“I am using MeetFox on my blog to sell my content marketing services for personal brands and startups. I am also using it in my email signature. That’s an easy way to market my service to people who already know me. I already got compliments for my sleek booking page. Now I have less admin work and can focus on helping my customers.”

Less repetitive tasks - More time to be creative

Nobody enjoys doing those dull repetitive tasks, even less so creative people such as Julian who can use the time spent on such activities to focus on what he can offer to the world. Apart from removing the time spent with back and forth emails, MeetFox has also helped Julian improve the other parts of the meeting process, such as the video conferencing aspect, as well as the payments. His clients don’t have to create an account to use MeetFox, nor do they need to download anything, which certainly improves the whole meeting experience and creates a win-win situation for both sides. The video conferencing tool offered by MeetFox has a very intuitive interface and is user friendly, whereas the payments are handled through Stripe or PayPal. 

“Success is in the details” as Steve Jobs used to say, and little details such as automatic time zone conversion for bookings are what makes MeetFox so special for people who sell their services online.

“Less admin work to do (scheduling, payments, explaining videoconferencing to the client) and more bookings. Better than a simple contact form and I have one tool for the whole meeting process. MeetFox was specifically designed for coaches and you can see it in small details like the automatic time zone detection and the questionnaire.”

Final thoughts

Ultimately, a complete tool that enables easy scheduling, video conferencing and payment is going to bring benefits to a large array of online businesses. For Julian, it helped him use his time on more creative things than sending emails and scheduling meetings and now he can offer his clients an enhanced customer experience and be one step ahead of the competition.

“Your tools are a reflection of your professionalism. Start using a professional scheduling/meeting-tool instead of using a simple contact form. It’s 2021, we are not in the 90s anymore.”

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