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MeetFox has become the go-to tool for over 18,000 professionals and businesses that want hassle-free meetings. They’ve seen their businesses flourish with MeetFox, with over 130,000 paying clients! We'd like to take a step back and share a little more about our story and how we got here.

The Future is Here

Last year we saw the whole world start moving towards a future of remote work. At MeetFox, we’ve tried to keep up with the breakneck pace of changes by adding new features and updates that help meet the growing demand for virtual workspaces.

We'd like to take a step back and share a little more about our story and how we got here.

We’re Doing Something Right

We’ve become the go-to tool for over 18,000 professionals and businesses that want hassle-free meetings. They’ve seen their businesses flourish with MeetFox, with over 130,000 paying clients! 

Teams of all sizes will find themselves at home with a simple suite of tools to schedule appointments, host video calls, bill clients and automate invoices. 

We’ve also racked up a few great reviews along the way:

MeetFox Awards

Forbes Next 1000

Our Co-Founder, Susanne, was featured on the Forbes list of 1000 inspiring entrepreneurs. Her enthusiasm, leadership, and energy have been an inspiration to our team and the community of freelancers and professionals that use MeetFox everyday, pushing us to make the most of our time.    

Our Secret Sauce

Since our launch in 2019, MeetFox has grown in leaps and bounds. But what makes us so different from the competition? We believe that the secret lies in our unique lineup of features.

The All-In-One Factor

MeetFox is the one-stop shop for your online business needs. We are a proven solution for thousands of businesses around the world, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Scheduling - Take advantage of a simple scheduling tool to simplify your booking process. Sync multiple calendars to determine your availability and utilize text and email reminders to ensure your meetings are a sure thing.
  • Video conferencing - Run your video calls in your browser with a simple link and without the need to download anything. Record your meeting sessions too and share them with your team whenever you need to.
  • Payments - Enjoy a smooth payment process for you and your clients. Stripe integration lets you instantly receive credit card payments. Automatically send out invoices if you need them, so you don’t have to worry about follow-ups.
"With MeetFox we can manage, for a reasonable price, the entire process of a coaching offer from product demonstration to invoicing and that’s unique in the market!” - Hanine Mhannd, Management Expert. 

Lots of Customization

MeetFox works behind the scenes to ensure that your brand comes first. Its unique customization features let you shape your business image exactly how you want it to look:

  • Booking Page - Change the color, page title, and description to match your business. You can also add a profile picture for a more personalized touch. 
  • Booking link - Add your own custom link that includes the domain (website) name of your business for a fully branded look.
  • Meeting types - Break down meetings into categories or services, so that you can segment your sales, support, recruitment and consultancy services.

Deep Integrations

Offer your clients a seamless online booking and meeting experience through easy-to-implement integrations. Social media, website, payment and Zapier integrations are readily available. 

  • Social media integration - Embed your booking link into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram profiles with ease. 
  • Website integrations - Convert clients directly from your landing pages by embedding a pop-up button, inline embed or a booking widget.
  • Payment integrations - Connect to Stripe to accept credit card payments and get paid instantly.
“Love the ease of popping a link to the scheduling page in our website, the look and feel of MeetFox, reminders and Google Calendar integration” - Leigh Mattews, Therapist.

Tech Support 

Our dedicated team is always ready to help you grow your business. 

  • Help Center - Learn how to best use MeetFox with easy-to-understand help articles in our knowledge base.
  • Live Chat - Reach out to us anytime via live chat and the MeetFox support team will respond as soon as they can.
  • Onboarding -  Need help getting started? Book a demo and we’ll walk you through your new workflow and help bring your whole team up to speed.
“It’s a solid, stable platform with quality video and audio. When I had a couple of questions, the response came back via email within an hour” - Ted Cragg, Podcaster.

Made for Enterprise

MeetFox was founded with one goal in mind: to grow your business. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes in legal, finance, medical, insurance, education, software and creative agencies build out their own online presence, enhancing engagement and revamping retention strategies.

Our enterprise solution ensures that your scheduling and meeting processes remain efficient yet scalable. It’s completely whitelabeled too: you can add your brand logo, colors and touch ups everywhere.

Tell us Your Story

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You can start using MeetFox in your business today so you don’t get left behind. We’ll be happy to help you set up your own custom workflow and show you how to future-proof your business.

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