Fitness Coach Uses MeetFox to Simplify Video Calls

Gary Mahabir is a fitness coach and small business owner at Knockout Performance LLC, which is located in Brooklyn, NY. He values simplifying complex exercises, and with the business’ transition to online meetings and classes, Gary has adopted MeetFox to simplify connecting with clients online.

Maintaining Efficiency with Simple Scheduling and In-Browser Video Calls

Gary mentions that prior to COVID-19 his profession relied solely on in-person sessions to lead classes. The pandemic brought a great barrier to his workstream. He struggled to find an easy-to-use video software to continue meeting with his clients. This was until Gary came across MeetFox.

Gary had heard of videoconference software companies like Zoom, but what stood out the most to him about MeetFox was its simple scheduling and unique in-browser video calls. Given that most clients in his professional field aren’t too tech-savvy, Gary was seeking a platform that would be easy for him and his clients to use to have virtual sessions on. By using MeetFox, Gary has been able to simply share his personal MeetFox booking link with clients. From there, they’re able to easily look at his schedule and pick an open session. It’s as simple as that.

“When I send my booking link, my clients like the entire scheduling process.”

Furthermore,  Gary likes that his clients can join a meeting from anywhere and from any device without any login credentials or third-party applications. This makes it super easy for anyone, especially less tech-savvy clients, to easily join a workout session. He’s received a lot of positive feedback about his online meetings and their simplicity.

“Using MeetFox takes away a huge technology barrier for customers and clients to meet virtually. Clients have one less step they have to go through to meet.”

MeetFox’s Benefits Outweigh the Costs

Gary also enjoys the autonomy and flexibility that MeetFox provides in its pricing model. MeetFox offers the option to purchase single add-on features to deliver the best customer experience. For instance, if Gary wants to include more people into a group call, he can simply pay for the ability to host a few other clients.

“You definitely see benefits and not many costs to using MeetFox.”

Currently, Gary provides free initial consultations on MeetFox. He optimizes his meetings and maintains a great rapport by using MeetFox’s file-sharing feature. This allows him to smoothly go over pricing, fitness plans, and other logistics with his clients. Ultimately, he’s excited to continue using MeetFox to engage and acquire new customers and provide the best virtual fitness experience to his clients.

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