How to make your online tutoring classes dynamic?

Online tutoring has been booming especially amid the pandemic and is predicted to grow in the years to come. However, online tutoring requires smooth processes to make the online tutoring experience as close to the offline experience your clients are used to.

What can you do to encourage our students to learn? Every teacher’s dream is to have a student who is interested in their classes. Nowadays, many young people are hooked on technology and spend most of their time using it. So, what better way to motivate them to learn than to take advantage of the tools that the internet offers us? Put yourself in their shoes and use that creativity to make your classes a more memorable experience.

Online tutoring has been booming in recent years and has changed the traditional method of teaching. Now tutors and students can be in different geographical location and learning will still be possible. Students can now book appointments with tutors all around the world. They can schedule their classes in a way that is flexible and convenient for both of them. Video calls make all of that possible.

A recent report by Technavios, analysts have identified increasing investments in online tutoring and consider it to be one of the major factors driving market growth.

However, the medium of a teaching class can largely impact the learning outcome. For example, students may show a lack of interest in their classes. The classes can also become monotonous and predictable. Lastly, but most importantly, the student can become discouraged and may stop attending the online classes. But what can you do to make teaching more dynamic?

Tools help offer online tutoring

As the competition keeps growing, teachers need to try diverse tools that will help them differentiate. Here are 5 helpful tech tools for you:

WordPress: allows you to have your own website or blog. Students around the world can contact you, see your profile, articles, methodologies, and have a space for comments and discussions. You will get a more professional image through it.

Using whiteboards can be really useful and practical for students. Real Time Board, allows you to keep everything you need on a daily basis in one place. Use it to store post-it notes, images, videos, documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and Google Drive files among others. You and your student can edit and see the files simultaneously.

Animoto is a site that will help you to create videos for your business with the use of storyboards enabling you to customize them with photos, video clips, text, and your own logo. This will make your videos more interesting and entertaining for your students.

Togethertube: allows you to watch an online youtube video at the same time as your student and discuss it together.

Amara: a site that allows you to publish your videos and add subtitles to them, providing your students with an easier way to understand in various languages for your international students.

It is necessary to be up to date with all the latest advances in the eLearning sector such as tools, platforms, social networks, and new technologies. The uses of these dynamic and attractive resources can increase student motivation and allow them to learn in a practical and efficient way! Happy teaching!

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