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Learn how this NPO has transitioned into seamless meetings with MeetFox. CEO James Adelke shares his story and how he was able to implement MeetFox into his day-to-day workflow.

We are Generation Success. We are an award-winning Not for Profit organization (or social enterprise) that supports people to realize their career aspirations mentoring, coaching, and access to the industry insights. Also, we provide recruitment, diversity, and inclusion consultancy services to employers creating fairness in the recruitment, retention, and progression process of staff.
Formed as a result of the underrepresentation of diverse and non-traditional talent within employment and enterprise, we started as a group of people who wanted to be part of a solution to underrepresentation by removing barriers and connecting businesses and people of diversity together.

Reducing the time lost in meetings

“MeetFox has been my assistant and is an essential part of the team and my toolbox to grow the business.”

James Adeleke, the CEO of Generation Success, started using MeetFox on his own. “(…) I wanted to automate my meetings and reduce the back and forth.”

This is the type of client that MeetFox is aimed to help! Generation Success has tried other tools including market leaders. Nevertheless, none of them were able to excel on all features the company required.

MeetFox features that helped the client:

  • Ease of use;
  • SMS reminders;
  • Everything was in the house (video chat);
  • The flexibility of the platform.

“It makes life so much easier, reduces back and forth. It’s like my personal assistant when setting meetings. It’s even in my signature stripe and on our website to make it easier for people to book a time to see me. With my company scaling, I now need to find ways to free up time, make me more efficient and allow me not to worry about things that can be managed by a reliable system like MeetFox, where I set the rules.”  James adds.

The recruitment process has never been easier

Prior to MeetFox, the process involving recruiting new candidates wasn’t as functional. Therefore, Generation Success has seen major improvements since partnering with MeetFox as their online meetings tool.

“We were able to conduct 150 interviews with candidates in the space of 2 – 3 weeks thanks to MeetFox.” Also “we have expanded from a team of 3 to 14 since we started using MeetFox”

Automation increases productivity

In the case of Generation Success, the rules have worked so well that James has allowed MeetFox to automatically accept his appointments. “99.5% of the time it has worked really well. The 0.5% of the time it has not worked has been where someone accidentally books a weekend time slot but then cannot make it/ changes their mind. Which is not the system’s fault.”

Generation Success uses MeetFox for both internal and external meetings and uses instant meeting rooms for virtual small meetings.

“This is a small but growing business; I cannot afford to hire a personal assistant to manage my diary.”

MeetFox, loved by clients as well

Through the project management system, new hires can access the company directory and can click on the person’s MeetFox booking link. Therefore, it makes onboarding easier and reduces manpower. So, the new joiner can just book time themselves.

“Clients loved using MeetFox as they found it professional, efficient, and most importantly accessible that allowed us to fit around their availability (as well as our own). If you want to save time, be more efficient and improve your stakeholder experience, then MeetFox is the platform for you”

Going forward

Generation Success plans to use MeetFox as a tool on how the company responds to COVID-19 and how to galvanize a community of volunteers. James adds that “I believe MeetFox could be an essential element for us doing this effectively. E.g.

  • Having a COVID-19 job-retention advice line
  • Having a COVID-19 legal advice line

The solution

MeetFox is a tool that makes meetings seamless with easy scheduling, online video calls/face to face meetings, and secure client payments with invoicing. We reduce your administration costs by 60%, saving you over 6 hours every week. We make your life simpler by automating daily tasks. Also, MeetFox’s target markets are SMEs and professionals who bill clients for their time and who want to automate daily tasks to make their lives simpler.

From solopreneurs like James – MeetFox helps you sell your expertise effortlessly and makes you stand out.

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