6 Consulting Marketplaces To Find New Clients + Things To Consider

Consulting marketplaces have become popular; they can connect companies with consultants who can take on projects to provide expertise on finding new clients. There are numerous benefits in utilizing a consulting marketplace.

Businesses are always searching for ways to find new clients. Since the global pandemic of COVID-19, many companies have shifted to more digital endeavors and working with external consultants. 

Consulting marketplaces have become popular; they can connect companies with consultants who can take on projects to provide expertise on finding new clients. There are numerous benefits in utilizing a consulting marketplace.

So what are the things that businesses should consider with a consulting marketplace? Here are some of the benefits and setbacks, and a list of some of the more prominent consulting marketplaces that will help you in your business find new clients. 

Benefits of Using Consulting Marketplaces

There are many aspects of using consulting marketplaces that are beneficial for your business. The most significant reason is that they provide you with many additional growth opportunities, including lead generation, projects, better conversion rates, and of course, more clients. 

Another benefit is that consumers actively seeking a consultant will use these marketplaces, which can help with engagement. Consulting marketplaces bring the two sides together, making it easier to collaborate with many clients. They also supply your business with a variety of resources and tools that make it easier to obtain clients.

Disadvantages of Using Consulting Marketplaces

While there are some significant advantages, you should understand that there are also some setbacks to using a consulting marketplace. First, there will almost always be a fee associated with using one, and it can be upwards of 20 or 30% of your expense when you get clients through one.

More setbacks include that you don’t own the client relationship correctly, so you have to be cautious when contacting that client outside of the marketplace system. Ensure that you read all of the fine print when you sign up. There is also a risk of becoming reliant on the platform, which could be more detrimental if they increase fees or, worse, have to shut down. 

Marketing Your Business

Regardless of whether you decide to utilize a consulting marketplace, your business should be putting efforts into marketing for attracting new clients and closing them. You might consider enlisting a digital media partner for your marketing needs, such as Pathlabs Media, to help optimize production, reduce time with smaller tasks, and create campaigns that will provide your brand with more visibility and attract consumers.

Even though consulting marketplaces are helpful, they are not meant as a method to build your business. The marketplace is simply an extension and resource to promote further growth. So it would be best if you used them as a source for more opportunities and potential, and they will serve your business perfectly.

Here are six of the best consulting marketplaces to consider for growing your client base.


Fintalent is a top matching platform that connects freelancers to projects as well as full-time employees to interesting job opportunities. Their manual review process of every application results in a vetted community and a high level of quality - both in terms of project opportunities as well as talents. Allowing freelancers to negotiate their own rates directly with clients gives them a high level of control and ensures fair fees. Fintalent makes switching from employment to self-employment a breeze.


MeasureMatch’s consulting marketplace is focused on enterprise and SaaS services. You can sign up for free and have the option to buy systems and data services that business leaders can help to upgrade systems and advance data quickly.

Many companies like Microsoft, Merill, and Google use MeasureMatch. It has access to more than 5k service providers and reaches a span of 60 countries, with excellent project contract ratings at 9 out of 10. As a result, it can be a perfect option for businesses that provide consulting in CRM, cloud-based platforms, machine learning, marketing automation, eCommerce, and product analytics sectors.


Consultants and experts can sign up on Maven to find matches for their expertise. Your business can respond to questions, talk with prospects, and bid for projects with this platform. In addition, the consulting marketplace hosts a massive open projects board for opportunities across consumer services and products in areas like marketing, product management, engineering, finance, supply chain, and more. 


Catalant is a consulting marketplace providing on-demand expertise for users. This platform also saves on traditional consulting for 30-50% and has more than 12k successfully completed projects. Companies like Shell, Pfizer, Staples, GE, and more use their platform featuring over 1100 firms and more than 70k consultants. 


TopTal is a consulting marketplace that focuses more on top freelance talent. More frequently utilizing this platform includes areas such as software development, design, finance, product, and project management. 

There are also no recruiting fees, and projects succeed in gaining very high ratings. Candidates are all pre-screened with a highly selective screening process (only 2% of applicants are accepted). Airbnb, Duolingo, and Shopify are all great companies that like to utilize this marketplace.


DeepBench has a mission to help businesses make better decisions through their advisor network, using advanced algorithms and crowdsourcing to match expertise effectively. As a result, companies can quickly browse through open projects across multiple industries, including human resources, healthcare, finance, IT, construction, and energy. 

Understand Your Mission and Value

There are ways that you can research and discover the best consulting marketplace that will help your business grow with clients. First, however, it is essential to establish your business objectives and outline your mission with clarity to efficiently use the consulting marketplace for optimum results.  How could you communicate effectively with potential clients if you don’t have a clear mission for your business when servicing your customers? 

Ensure that your marketing teams have a strategic plan in place and other methods of lead generation to attract your ideal audience consistently. Adding the consulting marketplace into the mix will surely provide your business with more clients for a bright future with a substantial profit.

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