Brian Frankel is a business, intellectual property, and litigation attorney based in Washington, D.C. Prior to using MeetFox, Brian had not used any scheduling software to optimize his business. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused Brian to reconsider his strategy to meet clients. He has since shifted to using MeetFox, and has been able to use more time to serve his clients rather than handling administrative work.

Scheduling New Clients is Easier with MeetFox

Along with serving clients, Brian spends a good amount of his time speaking at live and online events to educate people about legal issues that arise when selling on Amazon, producing creative work, starting a business, etc.. These events are great opportunities for him to network, find clientele, and provide free off-the-cuff answers to people’s legal questions. Brian has enjoyed these interactions, which often lead to further consultations. However, Brian has spent a lot of time on back-and-forth emailing, scheduling, and reminding clients about consultations.

Using MeetFox has significantly simplified Brian’s scheduling efforts. Instead of manually fitting clients into his schedule, Brian can now easily direct his potential clients to his MeetFox profile. Once there, they can 24/7 look at his availability, schedule a consult, and include general case details for Brian to be aware of before the meeting. MeetFox’s automatic SMS and email reminders, and calendar synchronization further keep Brian organized and focused on his upcoming consultations.


“All the time previously spent in emails, calendaring, and reminders is now saved.”


Brian has also been able to successfully adapt to meeting new clients via virtual events, podcasts, and video interviews. He simply provides his MeetFox booking link and can watch his business grow by reaching a larger number of clients.


“My business has grown because of investments in outreach with potential clients. Meetfox is part of the backend to service that outreach.”


An Optimal Communication Tool for All Attorneys

As Brian highlighted, attorneys require clear and consistent communication to properly and most effectively serve their clients. Introducing MeetFox into Brian’s work stream has allowed him to uphold this value. He’s been able to cut a scheduling middle-person and become more independent when communicating with his clients.


“If a potential client wants to talk about selling products on Amazon, writing a contract, registering intellectual property, or other business law matters, I say ‘Great, set a time for us to speak, go to my Meetfox page.’ That helps to set more appointments which helps to provide value and support to more clients.”


Using MeetFox has provided Brian with a more sustainable business model to acquire more clients and foster a great relationship with new and existing clients. Brian mentioned that he’s researched other scheduling software, yet none fit his needs like MeetFox did.


“I looked at several solutions, but found the functions, design, cost, and user reviews to be good for MeetFox, so I jumped head first.” 


His experience using MeetFox has been great so far, and it has helped him be a successful attorney despite the work-related changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. We’re excited to see how much more his business grows!