How a Consultant Manages Emergency Risk Communications

Emergency Risk Communications Consultant uses MeetFox to save much needed time. In this article, we walk through exactly how Phillipe Borremans does it.

For Philippe Borremans, being an Emergency Risk Communications Consultant means that lost time could easily translate to lost lives. In the high stakes world of emergency communications, process effectiveness and efficiency is an essential ingredient to the creation of a proper risk communication system. 

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Borremans’ work schedule often involves the need for effective communication especially when making international calls with both clients and colleagues. Remote communication can sometimes prove time consuming, especially when trying to find an appropriate time to meet for both parties.  

“We work in emergency communication and if there is one thing we never have enough of then it's time... We should not spend it on "finding the right time to meet", we should spend it on saving lives with good risk communication.” 

Philippe now uses MeetFox, which allows him to schedule different types of online meetings with unprecedented ease. This leaves him more time to concentrate on saving more lives through his work. 

“MeetFox simply "stuck" with me because of its flexibility to create specific types of meetings and the easy to understand confirmation flow for participants.”

Here’s how:

MeetFox’s Easy Integration for Easy Use 

Through MeetFox, Philippe Borremans has been able to use the software’s integration capabilities to convert more clients by making the booking process easier and more effective. The entrepreneur’s email now has a ‘book a call’ link added to the signature, which allows prospective clients to easily schedule a meeting themselves. 

“...(MeetFox allows me) to be able to add a "book  a call" link to my signature and have people organize the call themselves.”

Philippe can now do away with the tedious process of scheduling and rescheduling meetings through never ending back and forth emails. 

Aside from email integration, the software can be integrated into company websites and social media posts and profiles. This empowers your potential client to book a meeting with you from whichever channel they are interacting with you from. Integration can go a long way in increasing client conversions and subsequently and make meaningful contributions to the growth of your business. 

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MeetFox’s Calendar Syncing: The Ultimate Meeting Manager

One of the most tedious, yet essential steps in booking an online meeting is determining the best and most convenient meeting time for everyone. Participants are often forced to send numerous suggestions in a never ending chain of emails. Moreover, the process is often repeated in the event that one party decides to reschedule. Luckily for users such as Philippe, Metfox has been developed to meet this problem. 

After syncing MeetFox to his calendar, all Philippe has to do is indicate when he is free for a meeting. Once done, the software does the rest. When clients decide to schedule a meeting, the software gives them timings based on Philippe's real time availability. If either party is suddenly unavailable due to one reason or another, rescheduling can be done with a simple click of a button. 

“It simply does my "meeting management" for me and saves an enormous amount of time.”

Aside from his vocation as a Risk Communications Expert, Philippe also doubles up as the volunteer President of the International Public Relations Association. Heading this international organization means that he has to schedule and attend meetings with participants from different time zones, a phenomenon which can sometimes prove confusing. MeetFox meets this need by automatically converting meeting times for both parties into the correct time zones, thus making sure that everyone stays up-to-date, literally. 

“Having a tool which takes care of all this for me saves me a good amount of money.”

MeetFox Makes Good Business Sense!

Like any good solution, MeetFox has made Philippe’s business life a whole lot easier, by enabling him to save more time (and in effect helping him make more money!)

“I really recommend communication professionals to take a hard look at all the processes which do not bring real added value to their work and try to automate them. Platforms like MeetFox are there to free up our valuable time. Let's use them.” 

For an entrepreneur like Philippe, every minute spent in sending needless back and forth emails to clients is time spent away from his core business and ultimately becomes a cost to the business. This means that the more efficient his processes, the greater his ability to free up valuable time which is in turn committed to value generating activities. This makes MeetFox an invaluable asset, as it strives to bring out the best in the entrepreneur for the good of the business and ultimately, the client.

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