Evan Englezos is a digital coach and consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He values integrating digital systems to streamline processes and help leaders save time on time-consuming tasks. It’s no wonder he’s utilized MeetFox to make his online meetings much more efficient.

Time-saving scheduling

Coaches and consultants have a ton of calls and meetings, and this was no different for Evan. Prior to using online scheduling software, he needed to directly speak to each prospective or existing client to schedule a meeting. This involved a ton of back-and-forth emailing and calls; however, with MeetFox, Evan has able to avoid wasting time on these calls. MeetFox gave Evan a simple solution to avoid this hassle and let his clients easily book him based on his calendar availability by simply clicking his personal booking link. Clients can access his link at any time to schedule a call from anywhere and at any time.


“For me it was a no brainer to let my systems do the work of coordinating calls.”


Furthermore, when looking for a booking and scheduling software, Evan prioritized looking for a tool that allowed him to provide different services all-in-one. With MeetFox, Evan is able to segment his services and provide appropriate pricing and availability for each. He can have as many meeting types as he’d like, as well as alter their durations.

Seamless website and email integration

Evan has also enjoyed using MeetFox’s website and email integrations to deliver an easier booking experience for current and prospective clients. He has easily embedded his MeetFox booking link into his website as a button, and into his email signature. This makes it simple for clients to book his time in seconds right there and then. It has also resulted in a greater audience reaching Evan’s MeetFox profile, and Evan acquiring 5+ new clients directly through MeetFox.

Inexpensive and reliable software

MeetFox’s prices have also aligned well with Evan’s budget. MeetFox is inexpensive compared to similar software, and its functions meet Evan’s needs. In addition, Evan was impressed by the quick turnaround in feature updates since using MeetFox. When speaking about the ability to offer several different services on his MeetFox meeting link, he says:


“When I signed up with Meetfox that feature was on their roadmap and was available within a few weeks.”


It was a no brainer for Evan to start using MeetFox, and it has helped him grow his business more efficiently. He looks forward to continue having seamless online meetings with his clients to continue experiencing and providing the best user experience for himself and his clients.