Automation for coaches and consultants

Automation is everywhere at the moment. Coaches and consultants require an easy-to-use platform to organize all their meetings with clients. Find out how you can simplify your workload whilst improving the customer experience with our following tips.

Automation is everywhere at the moment. And clients demand that their services are as simple and streamlined as possible. Coaches and consultants require an easy to use platform to organize all their meetings with clients. Find out how you can simplify your workload whilst improving the customer experience with our following tips.


As Coaches or Consultants, you will constantly have a bombardment of calls and meetings to organize. It is amazing how much time admin work can take up of your week, and it can really slow down the productivity of your business. Consultants spend at least 10 hours a week on arranging and organizing meetings with clients, which could be used to earn money.

You will reduce costs and save money by using an automated service. A service like MeetFox increases the time you have for meetings and stops you from hiring someone to arrange your meetings. You can not afford to waste time sorting meetings, nor can you afford to lose out on timeslots that were inefficiently arranged. You are able to add a booking button on many different places, for example, your email signature or website.


As a business, you need a system that reminds clients via multiple channels to attend a meeting. For example, MeetFox offers text and email reminders automatically to ensure that neither you nor the client forgets about a booking. All these small but significant tasks quickly add up to a lot of your revenue.

You shouldn’t waste time chasing up clients, nor should you lose out on time-slots allocated to people who didn’t show up. You need an automated system that reminds clients to attend the meeting.

Social Media

Using online platforms enables you to reach a wider audience and gain new clients. Marketing on social media pages is a highly effective way of drawing customers to your page. However, it is time consuming arranging the people you need to target, the most effective time and physically posting. However, there are many platforms that enable you to line up a lot of posts on your social media page meaning that you can make a marketing plan. It will ensure that all your pages have posts at the correct time.

Further to add, coaches and consultants need to know the best way to attract clients. There are many SEO tools available to maximize the post viewings and to help you find the perfect hashtag. Social media automation allows you to prioritize other areas of your company whilst communications have been sorted.


Often you don’t factor in the time it takes to collect money from clients, but on average, it takes 30 days for customers to pay. Chasing and organizing payments are time-consuming tasks that waste hours of time, that you could otherwise use to earn money. With MeetFox, the payment service is fully automated, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Not any other service provides a one-stop-shop for all your needs, as a consultant, like MeetFox. We offer a service in which payments are also integrated into the service, and it is all available for businesses to use at a clear set price. This certainty enables you to forecast and set definitive rates for the long run.

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