5 Must-Have Tools You Need To Boost Your Business In 2021 And Beyond

We’re covering some of the must-have business tools you should consider to boost your brand in 2021 and beyond.

The right business tools can accelerate brand growth and improve your chances of success, no matter which industry you’re in. Now more than ever, companies are rapidly leveraging all kinds of software solutions, from social media apps to chatbots. Digital services have emerged as one of the primary solutions for survival in a post-pandemic world.

According to studies, the pandemic accelerated digital transformation by around 7 years, forcing more people online than ever before. We’re all more reliant on technology to thrive in this new landscape, but which tools actually help businesses to grow in a competitive marketplace?

Today, we’re covering some of the must-have business tools you should consider to boost your brand in 2021 and beyond.

1. Kicksta For Social Media Automation

To thrive in a digital world, companies need to find new ways to interact with their customers. Today’s clients are increasingly relying on social media to not only request customer service, but to also learn more about companies, and develop relationships with brands. Around 36% of US social media users specifically use social media follow brands. Kicksta helps companies to leverage social media correctly.

Kicksta helps companies to build an active community on their social channels. Using cutting edge AI, Kicksta helps businesses to find real followers for Instagram with a genuine interest in their industry or product.


Key features:

  • VIP email support
  • Targeting to attract the right customers
  • Black-listing
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced AI algorithm

Why You Need It

It’s not enough to simply post on social channels and hope for the best. Brands leveraging technology in 2021 and beyond also need to actively work on building their social following, creating engaging content and partnering with influencers. The more engaged fans you have, the more credible your organization becomes.


Pricing starts at $49 for Kicksta’s Standard plan. This plan includes video onboarding, 10 targets, and a moderate growth speed strategy. The most popular option is the Premium plan, for $99 per month. The premium plan gives you faster growth speed, 40 targets, VIP email support, blacklisting, and Kicksta’s advanced targeting solution. 

For companies keen to accelerate their growth even faster, the Kicksta Boost plan for $218 per month comes with bonus monthly services like a guaranteed 850+ followers per month, diversified audiences from global influencers, and premium text support. 

kicksta pricing

2. MeetFox For Online Meetings

Communication is key to increasing sales, connecting with clients, and even improving business collaboration. When face-to-face discussions aren’t possible, meetings need to take place in a streamlined, effective online environment. Over the last couple of years, companies have been searching more aggressively for business tools to enable digital collaboration and communication. That’s where MeetFox comes in.


MeetFox gives you the tools you need to collect payments, host video calls and have crucial meetings in one place. You can create a custom booking page for your brand, access seamless scheduling and unlock new functionality with countless integrations to leading tools.

Key features:

  • Custom bookings page
  • Seamless scheduling
  • Instant payment management
  • In-browser video calling
  • Integrations with leading tools

Why You Need It

MeetFox ensures you can set up meetings with customers, shareholders, and colleagues alike in a matter of seconds. One-click scheduling means you can start talking straight away. As an added bonus, you get the option to take secure payments through MeetFox too.


There’s a free version of MeetFox, which offers unlimited meetings, payments, and email reminders. The most sought-after package is the “Pro” option which gives you different meeting types, color and logo customizations and SMS meeting reminders for $10 per user per month.

MeetFox pricing

3. Woorise For Lead Generation

How difficult is it for your business to drive new leads? If you’re like 34% of today’s marketers, then it’s one of the most challenging feats to pull off. Maybe you tried the latest methods and tactics, but still aren’t getting the results you desire. Lead generation is not just about collecting information. It also involves scoring leads, qualifying, and nurturing them to convert prospects into customers. Woorise makes it easy to collect leads, engage them and finally convert them into customers.

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, accept payments and more to collect leads and engage your audience.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and fast design with a powerful drag & drop campaign and form builder
  • Send personalized Email Notifications
  • Create campaigns in any language
  • Workspaces to manage all your brands or clients from a single account
  • Export your data in a CSV file
  • Geo Targeting to make your campaign available to specific countries
  • Multistep Forms

Why You Need It

Lead generation tools such as Woorise can help you to generate leads, grow your subscribers list and social media following, engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. Woorise makes it easy to create powerful campaigns for your business including lead magnet campaigns, NPS campaigns, advanced marketing and feedback surveys, event registration and signup forms, accept payments and subscriptions and much more.


Woorise has a free forever plan and also there’s a free trial available where you can check out all the premium features. Paid plans start at $29/month and include unlimited campaigns, multi-page forms, instant win campaigns, advanced fields and you can have your own branding. 

For growing businesses who need more features, Grow and Pro plans include thousand integrations, email notifications, media upload and photo contests, custom domain, accept payments and much more.

4. DocuSign For Electronic Signatures

Face-to-face interactions with clients were practically non-existent during the pandemic. As we enter the new world of work post-COVID, the chances are many interactions will remain online for safety, convenience, and budgetary purposes. Though these online meetings are great for cutting costs, it’s often hard to access things like signatures for contracts. Fortunately, DocuSign can help.


DocuSign allows companies to connect and automate their entire professional agreement process, with digital documents. You can create documents in a matter of seconds, and even analyze contract information after interacting with clients.

Key features:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Document negotiation and generation
  • Contract analysis
  • Cloud-based signature tracking

Why You Need It

Business tools like DocuSign can help companies accelerate their agreement processes without having to wait for signed documents to arrive in the mail. There’s no need to worry about a contact not having a printer and scanner handy to respond to a document request. Business relationships can evolve quickly and effectively, with minimal hassle.


There’s a free trial of DocuSign available where you can check out the features. For the paid packages, pay starts at around $10 per month, which includes access to basic fields, reusable templates, workflows, auditing trails, and multiple language options. You can also integrate DocuSign with many of the tools you already use.

DocuSign Pricing

5. Workable For Hiring And Recruitment

One of the major benefits of the newly digital professional landscape is how extensive the hiring pool has become. Now professionals can work anywhere they have access to the internet, it’s much easier to find the talent you need anywhere in the world. However, you still need access to the right business tools to track applicants, manage candidates, and even search for new talent.

Workable is a highly scalable hiring and recruitment software. The technology simplifies the art of finding and attracting talent to your business with one-click job posting across more than 200 sites. You’ll have access to AI-powered sourcing tools, employee referrals, and applicant management features. You can even automate processes and manual tasks like scheduling interviews.


Key Features:

  • Automate tasks like scheduling interviews
  • Collaborate with team members on hiring options
  • Post job descriptions to numerous sites at once
  • Track candidates and reduce the risk of lost opportunities
  • Global support from a leading team
  • Assisted onboarding and expert advice.

Why You Need It

Even as businesses change post-pandemic, the right talent will always be crucial to success. With more companies now moving towards remote and hybrid working strategies, companies need a way to find talent all over the world, without wasting crucial time, money, and resources. Workable help companies to hire at scale, finding the people who are crucial for their team.


The standard pricing package for Workable is $99 per month, with access to more than 200 job boards for posting your job descriptions, e-signatures, AI-powered sourcing capabilities, and integrations with leading tools. Companies interested in more specific features can access Core, Growth, and Premier packages, with pricing available on request.

Workable Pricing

Bonus Tool - Dropbox For Cloud Storage

With remote and hybrid working schedules on the rise, companies need a more efficient way to track, manage, and share valuable content and knowledge. This means investing in a tool for safely, securely, and effectively storing files. Dropbox is probably the best-known company in the world for flexible cloud storage, offering excellent scale for companies of all sizes.

Dropbox is a best-in-class digital storage solution offering integration with leading tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. You can access legally binding signature requests within Dropbox, sync documentation from multiple locations around the world, and even access easy, secured sharing with TLS and S56-Bit AES encryption.

Key features:

  • Scalable storage with real-time syncing
  • Access from any device with an internet connection
  • Extensive encryption and security features
  • Templates for custom signatures
  • Advanced data protection and backup

Why You Need It

Dropbox will help businesses in the modern world to share content with their colleagues – wherever they are. At the same time, this cloud-based tool also helps with things like data protection, back-up and disaster recovery. With Dropbox, you can keep information secure and available online, so if anything goes wrong with your physical storage systems, you’re still protected.


Pricing for Dropbox depends on whether you need a personal or business plan. For business users, the pricing starts at $19.99 per month or $16.58 per month when paid annually. This comes with features like a minimum 3TB of storage, anytime access, extensive encryption, and intelligent real-time syncing for your files and documents.

Dropbox pricing

Using Digital Tools To Thrive In 2021 And Beyond

The right tools are an important investment in any business environment. Leveraging the solutions mentioned above will help you to not only survive the changes of the business landscape since the pandemic, but also thrive in the years ahead. These business tools help with everything from internal collaboration, to improved customer communication and engagement.

As your business continues to evolve in the years following 2021, the number of tools you’ll need to achieve the best results may grow, but these five options outlined above give you a good place to start.

About The Author

Rebekah Carter is a dedicated marketing specialist and freelance writer, specializing in business development, marketing, and technology topics. 

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