Therapists leverage on MeetFox For Online Client Consultations

Discover how therapists are leveraging webinar and video conferencing software MeetFox to effortlessly connect to their existing clients while also expanding to a global audience of new ones.

Leigh Matthews is the Founder and Director of Therapy in Barcelona, an international team of English-speaking therapists drawn from diverse backgrounds and specializations. The organization provides support to individuals (adults, children and adolescents) and couples, by offering a safe space where a broad range of issues can be addressed and resolved.

While the firm offers face-to-face consultations, it also leverages on online platforms to cater for its international clientele. Moreover, the COVID pandemic has rendered online consultations even more needful due to the stringent measures put in place in most countries, which bars unnecessary face-to-face interactions. This has created a need for a software that can effortlessly connect therapists to their clients. Moreover, this software should provide added functionalities that can enable scheduling, electronic payments and easy integration with existing channels. MeetFox meets all these needs, and more:

The Ideal Scheduling Solution 

For a business such as Leigh’s to efficiently operate on an online platform, effective scheduling of meetings is an absolute essential. The client needs to book for appointments in good time and with ease. This also means that the more accessible the therapist’s schedule is, the easier the booking process becomes. As Mr. Matthews discovered, MeetfFox ably identified and provided solutions to this very need. 


By using MeetFox, Leigh has greatly eased the process of booking appointments. The software provides a link that is sent to the client through which he or she can check for the service provider’s availability in real time and make bookings appropriately. All the therapist has to do is sync the software to his or her Google Calendar to the software and set appropriate working hours.  

“Loved the ease of popping a link to the scheduling page in our website, the look and feel of MeetFox, reminders and Google Calendar integration.”

This means that once the client clicks on the link, he or she is able to determine the availability of the therapist in real-time and thereby make an informed decision on when to make an appointment. In case the therapist or client becomes unavailable for one reason or another, rescheduling can be done at the click of a button. The scheduling feature effectively bypasses the numerous emails that are often exchanged when making bookings for online meetings. 

Moreover, MeetFox sets up meeting reminders that further smoothes out and enhances the communication process, allowing Leigh and his team to focus on what really matters. The tool also self adjusts meeting time in relation to the correct time zone; taking away the hustle of re-calculating and re-adjusting to the different time zones.  

Payment Platform? No Problem!

Payment processing can be a thorn in the flesh for any business. Whether online or physical, an enterprise strives to put in place measures that will enable it secure payment for its services hassle free. While online service providers have an array of payment platforms to use when setting in place payment structures, the best solution is one which is able to seamlessly integrate into the existing business processes without much fuss. Leigh was able to find this essential ingredient in MeetFox.  

Choosing MeetFox has exposed Leigh Matthews to an array of payment options. He has been able to connect and integrate MeetFox to his Stripe account, which now enables him to receive credit card payments. 

“I love the look and feel, the reminder and integrations with Stripe, and Google Calendar. It's a fabulous platform”

MeetFox can also generate automatic invoices that are subsequently sent to the client on behalf of the organization, leaving the service provider more time to attend to the individual. MeetFox’s payment platform allows Leigh to customize his organization’s payment policies beforehand thus enabling him to set down the rules of the game. This facilitates timely action on the client’s side and less hustle on his. 

“MeetFox is an ideal platform for enabling scheduling of, and payment for, online appointments.”

Easy Integration with Existing Media  

MeetFox’s website integration allows for easy booking. This integration can be done either through the firm’s website or social media pages. This feature circumvents the need for back and forth emails. Additionally, it does away with the numerous and often time consuming social media chats.

“We were using it for booking short 50 minute active listening sessions with therapists, to support clients in the pandemic who did not want ongoing therapy or just wanted to try it out. It was great to be able to pop the link into posts or our website.” 

Leigh’s customers can now access and book appointments there and then while surfing through the organization’s channels.

Ultimately, MeetFox’s appeal lies in its ‘all-in-one solution’ package. Its ability to offer a diverse yet relevant range of solutions is an irresistible attraction to industry leaders such as Leigh Matthews. This fact combined with an appealing interface makes MeetFox the software of the future.

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