Outsourcing vs. doing it yourself?

When starting your consulting or coaching company, it’s understandable that you will want to keep your expenses under control. However, outsourcing can have an immense positive impact on your business in the long-term.

When starting your consulting or coaching company, it’s understandable that you will want to keep your expenses under control. But there are a few areas where it pays to spend a little more for someone else to do a task for you. Administrative tasks can take up to 25% of your working week, drastically eating into your potential revenue.

In addition, there are some parts of your business that need consistency and 24-hour availability, which is just not feasibly possible by yourself. Just remember that there is only one of you, and that outsourcing tasks will allow you to focus on the best parts of your business.

Social Media

The most important thing to do when running a social media page is consistency. Clients get used to a routine. If you cannot keep up the momentum with posts, enthusiasm can quickly drop. If followers become bored, it can lead to people unfollowing you or to people writing your business entirely off. There are plenty of apps, like Buffer, that can help you manage your social media posts. Set yourself a schedule and try to create a bank of content that you can line up. Don’t be afraid to pinch and recycle social media ideas from your competitors, but make sure you put your own touch to it.

To ensure that your pages reach the right audience, you can review the past performance of your posts and set times that are the most effective to target your clients. Your posts will easily become lost on your feeds if it is posted at inappropriate times. You can also optimize your posts by targeting hashtags and key phrases to reach the most people possible, and this can all be achieved using various media tools.

Booking and Scheduling

Organizing meetings with clients can be complicated. Fitting clients in requires a lot of juggling with times and working out when you are free. Not only do you have to schedule meetings, but you have to remind clients to attend meetings and reach out to them. Furthermore, you could just as easily forget about a meeting, which your reputation cannot afford.

Booking and scheduling can take up to 10 hours of a consultant’s or coach’s week. MeetFox can be integrated into your website, social media, and emails, increasing the chances of bookings. Our service enables you to schedule, remind, and meet up with the client all in one place automatically. Meetfox allows you to maximize your time slots, while reducing the steps required for clients to book a meeting with you.


There are many free website services available online, but if you want your business to stand out amongst a crowded market, you need to invest in a paid website. You need someone who has an eye for design, to ensure your website gives off the impression you want.


If you don’t always stay on top of your book keeping you can quickly become overwhelmed with the paperwork. Taking up your valuable time. Not to mention the fact that accounting and taxes can be very complicated, there can be implications for incorrectly filing these documents. There are many apps and independent accountants that can offer affordable options for organizing your accounts, and this can be very beneficial for your business.


It can be hard to keep on top of your communications when facing a constant barrage of messages from clients. However, keeping on top of emails and other forms of communication is essential in building a rapport with clients. And it can really pay off for you when you successfully create a relationship with clients. It is not feasibly possible for one person to always be available, so it is important you either spend money on an app or someone assisting you. If you don’t wish to hire someone, you could also benefit from an app that will filter your emails, ensuring that your inbox is always organized.

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