Students at LSE collaborate with MeetFox

The London School of Economics supported MeetFox in its internationalization strategy. Read about the impact of a group of smart students on the company's long-term direction.

We are a team of 4 MSc Marketing students at the London School of Economics (LSE), coming from Greece, Hong Kong, and South Korea. We are collaborating with Meetfox to strategize their entry into the UK market. Our collaboration with MeetFox is part of our degree’s Marketing Action Learning Project. This project offers hands-on marketing experience to students by connecting them with companies across a number of industries. This is in order to solve a real-life problem through the final semester of the program.

The process at a glance

While facing the challenges that arise with teamwork and using each of our backgrounds and skills, we are strategizing for our new market entry proposal. We carefully examine the new context in which MeetFox will operate, paying close attention to both cross-cultural diversity and existing players.

Through a combination of primary and secondary market research, we aim to understand the current unmet demands of our relevant segments. Also, we plan to decide on our core target groups and determine how MeetFox may position itself against its competitors.

Furthermore, based on our findings, a plan for managerial action will be made with regard to how to reach and appeal to MeetFox’s core consumer groups.

Our strategy formulation was fuelled by our marketing knowledge and our brainstorming sessions. We also had consultations with Tali and Susanne. These helped us understand the MeetFox brand and the company’s past decisions regarding marketing and product development.

Through this project, we hope to go beyond theoretical concepts we have learned in class. We want to develop our skills in providing solutions to various marketing tasks. We are delighted by the opportunity to apply them so that we make an impact on the company. Moreover, we are thankful that we are able to work within the ever-growing domain of SaaS.

Our experience

It has for now been a great experience hearing from Susanne and Tali about their goals and ambitions. Of course, it was even more exciting to get to know the story behind how MeetFox was born. We hope to leverage not only our cultural diversity but also our academic backgrounds in Economics, Management, Digital Culture, and Law. We also hope to provide them with a proposal by the end of this project. The reason for this is so that we make a contribution to the growth of MeetFox.

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