MeetFox Offers Comfort to An E-Coaching Training Platform

CEO and Management expert at Goodbye Comfort zone, Hanine Mhannd talks about how MeetFox helps him in the process of coaching and e-learning.

Goodbye Comfort Zone is a gaming platform designed to foster personal development and enhance capacity building through immersing the client into a virtual environment While there, the participant is presented with a number of scenarios that depict real life challenges and which are meant to test their limits and thereby develop capacity. The platform started out in 2016 as a blog written and curated by CEO and management expert Hanine Mhannd. It has since grown into an online community several thousand strong. The application leverages on human tracking algorithms that create a fun yet stimulating environment that is ideal for personal growth. 

In order to better serve his ever-growing clientele and forge and maintain meaningful relationships with partners, Hanine Mhannd requires a platform that empowers him to communicate effectively. Like the tech-savvy outfit that it is, Goodbye Comfort Zone seeks to leverage on technology as a solution to its online communication problems. And that’s how it came across MeetFox.

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Hanine holding his TedX Talk

Before MeetFox

Prior to discovering MeetFox, Hanine and his staff used another popular booking and scheduling software. While it proved effective in automatically scheduling meetings, it lacked that all-in-one factor. Like all exceptional business leaders, Hanine is constantly seeking to better streamline his business processes. This led him to seek a more complete package. Here’s why he chose MeetFox as the ultimate online business partner:

MeetFox Saves a Lot of Time 

Migrating to MeetFox has unlocked a number of functionalities for Hanine and his team. One such capability is the reservation link which is generated and directly sent to the client. By clicking the link, the client is able to directly schedule a meeting with Hanine based on his real time availability. Hanine will thereafter confirm the booking from his side, and thus do away with the numerous back and forth emails that would otherwise have to be exchanged.

“Being directly linked with our google calendars, MeetFox allows us to save a lot of time and gain in efficiency by directly sending our reservation link to our customers or partners (we even use it sometimes for our internal team calls)”  

The real magic behind MeetFox’s reservation system lies in its ability to sync to the user’s Google calendar. The calendar is automatically updated as more clients schedule more bookings. 

MeetFox is Useful Across the Board

Hanine’s e-coaching platform requires a versatile video conferencing facility that enables him and his team perform a variety of crucial functions. MeetFox allows the user to host the different meeting types that he may need including customer appointments, job interviews and coaching sessions. 

“We use Meetfox for our customer appointments as well as all the meetings we have with our partners or job interviews. And of course our Phd. Executive Coach does use it for all of our customer premium coaching.”

Meeting participants are empowered to share content with others through the in-built screen sharing capability. Moreover, the software sends automatic reminders to all participants prior to the meeting, ensuring that everyone stays on top of their game, however busy they may be. Meeting recordings can be shared at the push of a button. 

“And the fact to have in the same tool a great solution for video calls (and the ability to record them) is really a big game changer!” 

MeetFox Offers Immeasurable Value

“Last year, our revenues increased by 300%! ”

 Since migrating to MeetFox, Goodbye Comfort Zone has been able to significantly increase its sales revenue margins. This is attributable to its useful capabilities such as that of an embedded payment system which allows the software to send in an invoice to the client at the end of a meeting. Moreover, the software can integrate into select payment platforms, allowing you a diversity of payment options suited to your convenience. All these features, and more, come at a minimal cost. 

“With Meetfox we can manage, for a reasonable price, the entire process of a coaching or e-learning offer from product demonstration to invoicing and that's unique in the market!” 

Ultimately, MeetFox provides that all important virtual interface between business and client: right from the ‘scheduling the first appointment’ stage, right through the ‘invoicing’ stage and into the actual online sessions. The software offers an array of services and features that, though broad, can be tailored to your business to ensure that you have more time to serve your client better. For Goodbye Comfort Zone, using MeetFox has allowed them to do business with greater comfort!

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