Launched & Funded in Less than One Year: The CoCaptain Story

CoCaptain is a new online coaching marketplace for coaches, advisors and subject-matter-experts. CoCaptain has successfully leveraged MeetFox white label features to build out scheduling, meeting and billing systems for their coaching platform.

CoCaptain built an entire online coaching marketplace in less than a week!

You might be wondering, “how did they accomplish such a stunning technical feat?”

It's easy: they used MeetFox White Label features to fully rebrand the MeetFox interface, and then they integrated it into their website.

Where Experts Become Coaches

CoCaptain was born 3 years ago, when Bryan Rosenthal, an HR leader, found that coaching exclusively targeted at executives was neither affordable nor accessible.

Spurred on by his desire to democratize the business of coaching, the initial concept eventually blossomed into a user-friendly coaching marketplace where coaches could schedule meetings, facilitate video calls, and bill clients for their coaching services all in one place.

CoCaptain - An Online Coaching Marketplace
CoCaptain - An Online Coaching Marketplace

Modern Solution

Given Bryan and his team's expertise, getting clients and coaches together was a simple hurdle that they could easily overcome. 

Their biggest sticking point emerged from an unexpected place: how to facilitate calls and meetings efficiently?

They looked at what platform features they needed:

Scheduling — Flexible, time-saving medium for organizing scheduled meetings and calls to save hours of back-and-forth and reduce the need for onboarding and customer support.

Reminders — Gentle, meeting notifications to prevent missed meetings between clients and coaches to safeguard their own reputation against the frustrations of occasional no-shows.

Payments — Fast, fully-automated billing and payment process to eliminate the need for constant follow-ups and give coaches a stress free business environment.

Meetings — Simple, browser-based videoconferencing that anyone could use without a manual to make their platform intuitive and accessible.

They identified the technical challenges they faced:

Technical Gap — as a new company, they didn't have an in-house technical team and lacked the expertise needed to oversee the software development process.

Proof of Concept — before approaching steely-eyed investors, they urgently needed a working demo that could test their business hypothesis.

Fully Scalable — with a huge addressable market: basically, any person or business that needed a coach, advisor or a proven expert, their product would need to scale quickly with little manpower.

They found a software solution that worked:

When they came across MeetFox, they realized that it was a match made in the Silicon Valley version of heaven.

One-Stop Shop — MeetFox addressed every major customer paint point: scheduling, reminding, calling and billing under one roof, with plenty of administrative control.

Readily Available — MeetFox needed just one week to embed into their CoCaptain website, so CoCaptain could go straight to market and wow potential investors.

White Labelled — MeetFox could be customized to include their logo and branding. 

Seamless Experience — MeetFox had a modern interface and attractive design that boiled down the process of organizing meetings and coaching schedules into a few clicks.

Feature Rich — MeetFox has many nifty features that go beyond simple meeting scheduling. A customizable booking page when coupled with a booking questionnaire, you can project a truly professional client-facing image.

Continuous Tech Support — MeetFox offered an off-the-shelf software product with professional, technical support that could handle virtually any problem.

Infinitely Scalable — MeetFox could scale alongside the growth of their business. Their affordable enterprise package included a suite of planned updates and new features.

They were amazed by the immediate results:

Instant Launch — They hit the market and kept running. CoCaptain went from months of delay to an almost instantaneous product launch.

New Growth Trajectory — A growing number of active users and a widening selection of coaching professionals.

Secured Investments — The new, positive metrics validated their idea which led to an early and unexpected bout of investment.

Lowered Costs — Without the need for a technical team, they were able to keep costs at a minimum and craft a sustainable business model.

Higher Retention — Better usability and a robust set of features translated into much higher customer retention rates, giving them an edge over their competitors.

Simplified Workflow

CoCaptain transitioned their team away from a patchwork of 4 or 5 apps that included meeting, scheduling and billing tools that they normally used, and adopted MeetFox into every aspect of their workflow. They customized the white label version of MeetFox and turned it into a feature-rich service.

What followed was instant traction from their customer base and renewed interest from investors.

You can find out more about CoCaptain and their innovations in the coaching and mentorship space by visiting their website:

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