Identifying and attracting your ideal client

In a competitive market, it might seem ridiculous to try and focus on one type of client. However, finding out what your ideal client looks like might help you find your niche.

In a competitive market, it might seem ridiculous to try and focus on one type of client. However, finding out what your ideal client looks like might help you find your niche. It will also help you see what you value in your business. One sure-fire way to increase your motivation and output in your business is working with clients you enjoy working with. If you work with clients who respect your work, then you are creating an environment where you are going to increase your productivity.

Who is an ideal client?

In order to discover your ideal client, you need to know what makes a perfect client. And you will have to work out how to locate this person while at the same time creating a loyal customer.

Regular Customers

First of all, the most important thing for you as your business is that you have a constant income. So you should choose clients that you believe will create a good source of income, whether that be short term or continual. In addition, you need clients that will pay you on time or in advance to save you wasting unnecessary time chasing them. Cashflow can be one of the largest issues for a new company. Having said this, you could use a service, like MeetFox, that integrates payments into meetings ensuring you receive your money on time and effortlessly.


Moreover, you want clients that value your work. People that choose you because they believe you can offer the best service for them. This will not only motivate you but also bring job satisfaction. Customers that value your work leads to loyal customers and enables you to create a rapport with your client base. Having a relationship with your customers makes you work far more enjoyable. Make sure you try working with a variety of different customers before you settle on a corner of the market.

How to find Ideal clients?


Before you start thinking about attracting new clients to your services, you need to ensure that your is service is convenient for your users. You want to create an integrated service with as few steps as required to sign up for the service. One way you can achieve this is to use MeetFox, where you can seamlessly add a meeting button on your emails and website.

Free Advice

In an increasingly saturated market, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to draw in new leads. Offering free services is an innovative way to attract the right clients and create a positive image for your company. There is no point in giving the client something meaningless to them. Clients value things that are valuable to you. As a consultant, the most valuable thing you have to offer is your time. Giving clients time makes them feel valued and creates a sense of loyalty. Giving away free advice is one surefire way to attract your target market.

Social Media

The most effective way to draw in new clients is to maintain active communications with prospective clients. Active communication and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand, especially if you want to build long-lasting and productive relationships. You need to ensure that you optimized your social media and SEO searches to make sure you are at the top of your niche in the market.

Furthermore, you need to develop a rapport with your client virtually as this will enable them to understand what you can deliver and how your services will help them achieve their business goals. Your company can also schedule voice or video calls for more hands-on and clear communication to ensure the proper alignment of expectations.


You need to make sure your price increases are fair and not seen to be exploitative. You will have to calculate what costs have increased and how frequently these prices will increase so that the price increase translates into a justified price for both you and the client. Coaches and consultants need to base their fees on the value they deliver. Clients value honest prices with clear communication.

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