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The most effective way to draw in clients is to maintain an active social media relationship with both existing and prospective clients. Active communication and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand, especially if you want to build a long-lasting rapport. Learn how!

The most effective way to draw in clients is to maintain an active social media relationship with both existing and prospective clients. Active communication and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand, especially if you want to build a long-lasting rapport. You need to ensure that you have optimized your social media and SEO to make sure you are at the top of your niche within the market. Use agency software to get even better at your niche.

Furthermore, you need to develop a conversation with your client virtually as this will enable them to understand what you can deliver and how your services will help them achieve their business goals. Your company will need to present its portfolio and some free advice to attract clients. You can also schedule voice or video calls for more hands-on and clear communication.

Social media platforms

Almost 50% of people who share or like a service on a social media page, go on to purchase that same service. Therefore, it is vital that you utilize this important marketing tool. The most popular social media platforms among consultants are Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube.

You need to ensure that you don’t spam people with posts; you need to have a dialogue with your potential clients. Your social media page needs to provide added value to your followers. Ensure your posts are varied, and that includes cross platform posts, so mix things up.

The market

Social media can help you to create a community, so when you are creating content, target this towards a network of people with similar interests and needs. Workout what your niche is and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Then you can research larger clients within the market and target your content to them as they will be useful friends.

Make sure that you are aware of what your competitors are doing in the market. Don’t be afraid to pinch social media ideas from them, but make sure you put your own touch to it. Watch out for any potential collaboration opportunities and build a relationship with these people from the start. Collaborations can be very lucrative with regards to establishing yourself on social media.

Video Marketing

Create great Intro videos for your products, which will help you capture the interest of your viewers and entice them to watch the entire video. If you don’t know about how to create stunning intro videos then use any online intro maker tools or download the free intro maker application from the Apple app store or Google play store where you will get hundreds of pre-defined videos which can be easily customized in few clicks.

Your content

Showing off your services is a smart way to attract new clients and create a positive image for your company. You should show off examples of how you have helped clients within your niche and ask these clients to write an endorsement for your page. This will help you to gain recognition within your specialism.

You should offer some free advice and time to your clients. There is no point in giving the client something meaningless to them. Clients value the same things that are valuable to you. As a consultant, the most valuable thing you have to offer is your time. Giving clients time makes them feel valued and creates a sense of loyalty. Therefore, free advice or consultation is a surefire way to attract and retain customers.

Using community forums/social media like MeetFox, Quora, LinkedIn are excellent platforms to find prospective new customers. It is also a way to give back. Loads of entrepreneurs are using free question and answer forums to gather information on improving their business. In addition, you could offer a free webinar to your social media followers via a live stream. By spending some time answering questions and providing solutions, you help the community and position yourself as an expert.

Optimizing your pages

The most important thing to do when running a social media page is consistency. Clients get used to a routine, and if you cannot keep up the momentum, enthusiasm can quickly drop. If followers become bored, it can lead to people unfollowing you or to people writing your business completely off. There are plenty of apps that can help you with managing your social media posts. Set yourself a schedule and try to create a bank of content that you can line up.

In order to ensure that your pages reach the right audience, you can review the past performance of your posts and set times that are the most effective to target your clients. Your post can easily be lost on feeds if they are posted at inappropriate times. Furthermore, you can also optimize your posts by targeting hashtags and key phrases to reach the most people possible.

Lastly, MeetFox can be integrated into your website, social media, and emails, increasing the chances of bookings. Our service enables you to schedule, remind, and meet up with the client all in one place. Our platform also allows you to maximize your time slots, and this will reduce the steps required for clients to book a meeting with you.

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