How to Transition to Remote Work?

Remote work can be a huge change for many people. These apps should help you remain as productive as possible, whether you are trying to honestly track your time, edit shared documents, or have a serious video conference.

Now is the time for companies to transition to remote work, given the fact that COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world. COVID-19 has affected many countries, and companies are trying to figure out how to remain productive. Employees can help organizations achieve their milestones while working remotely.

Of course, it can be tough to make the change to working remotely. It will require a mindset shift for many people. Also, other professionals might love the flexibility and autonomy afforded thanks to remote work. Here are some tips on transitioning to a remote work lifestyle.

File Sharing

Dropbox is one of the world’s most well-known file hosting services, and it’s one of the best ways to share large files. If you are going to be serious about remote work, Dropbox is a must-have tool. It’s a great way to back up files, as well.

Dropbox can also integrate with other applications and programs, as well. You also don’t even need to pay for Dropbox, as it operates on a freemium business model. Dropbox even allows remote workers to edit the same document at the same time!


One of the criticisms of remote work is that employers can’t tell exactly when someone is working or not. Some organizations might not care about time-tracking, and only care whether deadlines are met. Others might require more information regarding how employees spend your time.

Plenty of freelancers are remote workers, too, and they might be worried about how to maintain financial stability during COVID-19. If you’re an employee or freelancer that requires an employee hour calculator, Toggl is the way to go. Toggl is a great tool to help track time and hold workers accountable.

Online Meetings

Remote work is a great way for organizations to remain productive in the wake of COVID-19, but it can be tough to have conversations that are important for your company’s future. That’s one of the reasons why MeetFox is so important: it is the easiest way to meet and communicate with clients online. Why wouldn’t remote workers want a tool like that at their disposal?

Let’s be honest: not everything can be communicated through apps and emails. MeetFox is a great way to have some honest video conferences to make sure that everyone is on track. It even offers single-click scheduling!


One of the issues that arise with remote work is that employees often feel like they aren’t appreciated and/or valued. It’s not as if other employees in the office are there to high-five them, and the boss taking you out to lunch isn’t possible if you are working from a separate country.

Wooboard is a great tool to make sure that employees get the recognition that they deserve. Remote workers need to feel like they are being rewarded, and Wooboard can go a long way towards making sure that happens.


There are all sorts of situations where remote workers must sign documents for whatever reason. If employees aren’t in an office together, how will this happen? Signrequest allows for remote workers to sign documents securely anywhere in the world. It’s available in thirteen languages, as well!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a freelance contract, tax forms, or sensitive documents – Signrequest can help remote workers sign what needs to be signed.


Remote workers might spend a lot of time in the house, but the truth is that exercise is important for both physical and mental health. If remote workers want to make sure that they stay fit, Aaptiv is a great app to make sure that you remain in the best shape possible.

You can get unlimited access to thousands of workouts, thanks to Aaptiv. You might even want to take advantage of the free trial that they offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga, strength training, or something else – there’s a good chance Aaptiv can help you reach your fitness goals while you’re working remotely.

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Remote work can be a huge change for many people. These apps should help you remain as productive as possible, whether you are trying to honestly track your time, edit shared documents, or have a serious video conference.

Remote work was already on the rise, and with COVID-19 it has become a lot more relevant. We hope these apps can make the transition to a remote work lifestyle a little easier.

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