How company culture shapes employee motivation

Company culture is extremely important for a company's success. However, it is often neglected by leaders - especially in times of a pandemic. Learn how to engage your employees with your company no matter where they are.

We often consider the success of an organization to be based on the number of customers. Often we forget to recognize the employees who helped shape that success. There is a fundamental role played by these collaborators, as they are the main driving force to ensure that the company’s culture demonstrates appreciation, love, and respect.

I would like to refer to the book called “Lead with Luv”. Specifically, I want to stress a conversation between Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines and Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager. Barrett and Blanchard spoke about why leading with love can help achieve truly amazing levels of performance. Southwest Airlines has been successful because of its commitment and motivation to its employees and customers.

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5 tips to engage your employee with the company:

  1. Create activities: Creating challenges for your employees will motivate them to demonstrate their skills. You can also offer a small reward for the winners, such as a gift card or a dinner voucher. Consider gift ideas to surprise your employees.
  2. Outdoor day: organize a team building day for your employees where their families can join. Whether it’s a picnic day in the suburbs, a day at the pool or a sports day. This will make stronger working relationships outside of work and create that unique bond. Give your employees a breath of fresh air.
  3. Exercise with your employees and reduce their overall stress.
  4. Employee climate survey: Carry out surveys every two months based on your work environment. You can conduct them frequently by using online survey maker software.
  5. Gratitude: Always try to remind your employee how important they are to you. Don’t forget to always thank them for their loyalty and commitment. Make them feel at home and celebrate these joyous moments together as a family.

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It is important to project appreciation and respect and to treat others the way you want to be treated. Manage a humble leadership, without discrediting or enlarging yourselves, but on the contrary, rejoice the achievements of your colleagues. Respect, self-respect, and love others must be cultivated within the organization. Remember: “we reap what we sow. Practice employee engagement. Employee safety must be the first priority for an organization.

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