How can social media mentors and strategists use MeetFox?

In today's customer success story, we are taking a look at how Social Media Mentor & Strategist Lisa Pedersen is minimizing administrative tasks and saving time by using MeetFox.

Long gone are the days when having a social media presence meant posting selfies and funny cat videos. Nowadays, companies are more and more interested in getting their message and products out there in the social media jungle to reach as many people and get them to engage with their posts. The truth is that many companies, despite their best intentions, are not doing it properly and fail to engage with customers and increase their brand awareness. Thus, many times businesses choose to get external help in order to optimize their social media presence and build a long term strategy for their social channels. 

One person who specializes in helping businesses increase client engagement by creating sustainable social media plans that are smart, simple and stress-free is Lisa Pedersen. She is a social media mentor & strategist whose three-step action plan has proved to be extremely effective in helping businesses reach their social media goals. Starting with conducting a social audit and deciding what things work and what things don’t, Lisa then creates and optimizes the social media accounts ensuring that the visuals and brand messaging are consistent. The last piece of the social media puzzle is creating and implementing the plan going forward, which includes marketing and engagement strategies, content creation tips and tools for executing the social media plan.

3-step social media plan, including Social Audit, Account Optimization, Strategy and Plan

As you can imagine, her work entails plenty of creative and exciting aspects, but also a less fun part of having dozens of administrative tasks that take plenty of precious time, such as booking appointments, sending out invites for video meetings and updating calendars. Luckily for Lisa, she uses MeetFox and doesn’t have to worry about all those things, so let’s take a look at how she manages to save time and focus more on her clients by using this software.

No more mundane tasks

Being an independent professional has its benefits and there’s not a few of them, but also comes with some downsides. One of these downsides is the fact that you are responsible for the administrative tasks, as opposed to having a personal assistant deal with them. The solution that Lisa adopted to tackle this problem was to start using MeetFox, which now takes care of scheduling appointments, sending video call links and handling payments, all in one place and without any hassles. 

“I'm busy with social media training, consulting and digital strategy sessions, so I don't have time for extraneous administrative tasks! This is a great tool for keeping me organized, where everything is in my Google calendar (thanks to the 2-way sync). (...)

I love that I only need one product to handle the entire workflow I was looking for... calendar booking, payment and automatic confirmation with video call details. There was no need to manually send a video conference link, or calendar invitation, etc.”
Portrait of Lisa Pedersen, Social Media Mentor & Strategist

Why MeetFox?

A question that might rightfully arise when you are reading this is “Why MeetFox and not other appointment scheduling software?”. The answer to that comes down to the fact that MeetFox offers a holistic solution including everything that an independent professional needs to run seamless online meetings: appointment scheduling, high-quality video conferencing, payment handling. But don’t listen to us, we are probably biased! Let’s see what Lisa has to say to fellow professionals about using our software:

“Coaches and consultants should use MeetFox because it's easy-to-use, intuitive and offers an easy workflow to keep administrative tasks to a minimum, plus it keeps you organized and gets you paid right away!I purchased a MeetFox subscription when I was only *thinking* of pivoting my business to focus on coaching & consulting, so I hadn't needed booking software before this.

I did, however, look at lots of other options and MeetFox was a great fit. It's very professional-looking, offers a streamlined look-and-feel as well as a seamless user experience - and was easy to embed into my (WordPress) website. 
I've had numerous consults and booked a bunch of new clients since using MeetFox and am very happy with it. I especially love the new feature to be able to cancel or reschedule directly from the client meeting dialogue box. That was the *one* thing that had been missing, so I'm very happy you've added that functionality.”


It brings us great fulfilment to see our users benefit greatly from MeetFox and being able to focus their energy and efforts primarily on the fun side of their business. Ultimately, it is awesome to see that Lisa can use her talent in the best possible way while growing her business and getting paid for her expertise.

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