How a Marketer helps Entrepreneurs Design their Websites

Read this article to check out how Marketing Specialist Annmarie Gustafson has been benefiting from using MeetFox.

Annmarie Gustafson is a marketing specialist and web designer that mentors small business owners who want to expand their online marketing efforts.

Her focus is brand design and website development for both startups and established businesses looking to scale their online outreach.

Her work involves a lot of in-depth discussion, as she helps her clients transition from ideation—where big ideas take shape, to implementation—where small, practical steps are taken.

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MeetFox has become an integral part of her process:

An All-in-One Solution

She sends clients a MeetFox link to book appointments in her calendar while notifications remind everyone of the scheduled meeting. Annmarie then hosts a video conference through MeetFox, where she discusses brand strategy and ways to develop an effective online presence.

I use MeetFox to schedule all my meetings, both free and paid. It takes care of all the notifications and reminders, and syncs with my Google Calendar.

The online meeting is recorded and billed accordingly. Her clients can download the recorded meetings and share them with their internal teams freely. MeetFox also takes care of payment processing, so she doesn't have to worry about follow ups.

MeetFox is so simple and easy to use both for myself and for my clients. I love that I can setup different meeting types and different availability. The thing it offers above almost all other platforms is that it has the virtual meeting software built right in. I don't need a subscription to another calendar, another meeting software, and a payment gateway, it's all housed right inside MeetFox.

More Qualified Leads

Perhaps the greatest timesaver for Annmarie has been the built-in form builder in MeetFox. She's used the form builder to create questionnaires to get to know her clients' needs beforehand. By asking a set of targeted questions prior to booking a meeting, she can determine whether her services are the right fit for the client.

I also use the booking forms to pre-qualify leads or collect information before our first meeting. MeetFox saves me so much time on back and forth communications!

Easy Online Training

Small businesses have to grapple with already crowded marketplaces, and often find it difficult to stand out from their competitors. Annmarie offers them a simple set of SMART goals to plan and develop a website that is more than just functional.

She identifies key metrics for success and guides her clients toward a set of call-to-actions that are most likely to meet their goals and ultimately grow their business. That's where MeetFox takes center stage, giving her the ability to take screenshots; share notes, links and attachments; and share her screen to walk them through practical training sessions and guided website audits.

I use MeetFox for all my consultations, but it's also a great way to offer some hands-on training using the screenshare function. Everyone needs to be using a scheduler, and MeetFox is so easy to use and it looks great, too!

Simple Integrations

Booking a meeting online or face-to-face is an essential part of every startup's sales strategy. It's an opportunity to describe a strong use case to a prospect, or close a deal after demoing a product or service.

Annmarie uses meetings in all aspects of her business: from prospecting, sales to service delivery. She uses MeetFox's website integration to ensure that booking meetings and sales calls is as easy and straightforward as it can be.

I have buttons on my website that link to my booking page, the direct call, the embedded booking option and the pop-up booking widget on my website. I also link to it in my email signature.

MeetFox has a slew of integrations in the pipeline, with readily available support for social pages like Facebook and Instagram.

I also link it to my Facebook page, so people can book quickly and easily without having to respond to requests via email or messages.

Consistent Growth

Every tool in a business arsenal needs to prove it's value. For Annmarie, MeetFox has more than made up for her initial investment, having brought in a consistent stream of clientele with its professional look-and-feel and its wide variety of time-saving features.

I have been using MeetFox since very early on in my business, but it has helped me grow my business from nothing to being consistently booked out with projects.
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