How a Managing Editor runs a Marketing Talent Agency with MeetFox

Camille Trent is a managing editor at MarketerHire and former freelance copywriter. She uses MeetFox to connect with like minded professionals, as well as for her job, where conducting interviews with different people is a big part of her responsibilities.

Camille Trent is a managing editor at MarketerHire and former freelance copywriter. She is using MeetFox to connect with like minded professionals, as well as for her job, where conducting interviews with different people is a big part of her responsibilities. 

Managing editors are responsible for the day-today operations of a publication or website. Their duties include planning, assigning and editing of content, generating content ideas, overseeing production schedules and editorial calendars, as well as supervising editorial staff and freelancers. As part of the content creation process, managing editors will many times be responsible for conducting qualitative research on various topics, which often involves conducting interviews in order to collect data.

Find the right tools for your work

On the flipside, being a freelancer today means that you will need to be using various software to assist you in your work. Depending on the specifics of your offering there are multiple freelancer tools to consider using to be able to make your work easier as well as offer your customers a great experience.

One of these handy tools that many freelancers could benefit from having in their toolbox is MeetFox.

No need to have endless back and forth emails

Who doesn’t appreciate it when your time is respected and you don’t have to waste your energy on what feels like activities that could easily have been avoided? Commonly, when it comes to agreeing on meeting times, the back and forth emails that are sent to figure out a point in time that works for all parties involved is often deemed as one of those processes that are wasteful and leave plenty of room for improvement. 

Camille is one of those people who questioned the effectiveness of that process, and therefore she started looking into what she could do to make it more time efficient. That’s how she stumbled upon MeetFox and hasn’t looked back since. Moreover, she even found different ways that she can use MeetFox outside of the initial problem she had sought to solve with it. In a remote working world, connecting with others is more often than not done through virtual coffee meetings:

“I have two primary use cases for MeetFox: coffee calls with interesting people I find online and interviews for my job.” 
The big pain it solves is not having to go back and forth with big influencers and professionals already short on time. The ability to send a link with a built-in form saves everyone the headache of old-school scheduling.”

Don’t miss out on clients

No matter how hard and how much you work, due to multiple factors, many times prospects will contact you outside of your regular working hours. To not lose their interest, it’s highly recommended that you offer them a timely response. That way they’ll know from the start that you value your customer’s time and are a true professional. 

Camille was doing just that when using MeetFox to schedule appointments with clients and prospects for her freelance copywriting business. 

She could stay relaxed knowing that prospects won’t slip away, and from the other side of the spectrum, the clients would end up impressed with the urgency of her replies and the high level of organization that Camille displayed. In short, a highly desirable win-win situation:

“Before I took this new job, I was using MeetFox a lot for my freelance copywriting business. It definitely helped me score at least one job. The client said she was impressed at how quickly I responded and how organized I was. The link helped with all that.”

Is it worth it?

Whenever it comes to getting a paid subscription for software or splashing the cash on some deal you found online—for something that you think might be beneficial for yourself or your business—it all comes down to one simple question: 

Does it make sense for me financially to invest in this, and will it pay out in the long run?

The answer to that obviously depends on each individual situation and depending on the level of commitment involved, research should be conducted to determine that. When it comes to editors, copywriters and writers though, Camille is confident that she can offer the right answer when the “is it worth it?” question is asked about MeetFox:

“Investing in something like this is 100% worth it for editors, copywriters, and writers. Interviews are a big chunk of the job. MeetFox makes meetings easier.”  
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