5 time management blogs you should definitely read

Time management becomes more and more important as the world is moving faster than ever. These are our top picks of time management blogs you should definitely read.

I know I am repeating myself for the 20th time already, but time management is not a straight topic, so reading a couple of time management blogs might help quite a bit. These blogs make time management easier to understand, suggest approaches that work and how you can adapt and customize everything to work to your own advantage. One thing is certain, if you read time management blogs you will make your life more efficient.

TMetric Blog

TMetric is a time tracking app and its blog is all about time management and productivity tips. Once a week the team covers the most important, helpful, and insightful recommendations and guides on how to manage time for better efficiency at work, in life, and much more. Take a look, and we are sure you’ll fall in love with their writing style, beautiful design, and will learn how to make the best use of your time.

Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is one of the best time management blogs out there because it brings in comprehensive, easy to read solutions to your productivity problems. It posts new content every few days, and you can easily relate to the problems presented there. You can read about health, self-respect, motivation, productivity and so on.


Thanks to Productivityist you can learn more about a great time management philosophy and lifestyle that works great for a lot of people. It’s also featuring guest content all the time, there’s even a podcast that you can access via this site too.

Brian Tracy’s Blog

Brian Tracy wrote numerous books about time management and productivity.The best thing is that he also owns some of the best time management blogs out there. He teaches you about branding, how to remove distractions, eliminating bad tasks and features, etc. This helps a lot, especially since his content is so straight to the point, and gives you a lot of important insights. Plus, this blog is very personal and it encourages you to break the boundaries if you want to evolve and reach the next level.

Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency is all about improving your life, because their approach is said to enhance your lifestyle and take it to the next level. Even if there are always challenges coming along the way, knowing how to handle your time and improving it the right way pays off. Their true focus is on quality content, so while you’re not getting new posts all the time, the content quality is always amazing.

Reading these time management blogs will help you improve your life and evolve as a person. Enhancing productivity is an everlasting mission, but thanks to these blogs you’ll be able to improve much quicker. Every new article you can get from these time management blogs is helpful, impressive and it encourages you to push well over the current limits. It can be a true challenge, but the outcome will indeed pay off in the long run.

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