The world as we know it is changing. Change is good especially if it is embraced early on. The way we live, work, and interact is currently being altered by the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is kicking in. Working from home is suddenly the order of the day. Online meetings have become a necessity. To keep up with the emerging trend, a relationship coach is going digital in scheduling and fulfilling meetings.

Relationship coach finds a better way of scheduling meetings

Michael S. Sorensen is a bestselling author and relationship coach. Naturally, most of his days are quickly booked out and scheduling traditionally, sending emails back and forth with current or new clients is not easy. 

“Before, I simply had a submission form where they would express interest, and then I had to try to coordinate schedules. Not easy, considering my calendar is quickly packed on any given day.”

The timing was perfect and while starting as a coach, which is one side of his business, Michael found out about MeetFox through our partner AppSumo and was quickly convinced that it is the right fit for his needs in terms of practicality, efficiency, and great looking design. 

The idea of getting on board with a new company at a great price seemed like a no-brainer. I was especially impressed with the SMS integration and the video chat functionality. Very smooth and easy to use.”

Great features, great responsiveness

Compared to competitors, Michael also chose Meetfox as it is offering a matching or even better pack of features. As if it wasn’t enough, it all comes at a much better price. For us, this comes as great news, as we are trying every day to do better than yesterday in all aspects which need improvement. And as with everything, there is always a place for improvement! At Meetfox, it is something we never forget. 

Moreover, as when using every tool, there are technical issues that can occur at any time. Because we know how important it is for meetings to take place seamlessly, we have been striving to offer our very best customer service. Therefore, we were thrilled to hear Michael’s feedback regarding this:

“The team is friendly, responsive, and readily works to fix bugs or implement new features.”

Catchy embedding options, smooth money transactions

Booking a meeting via Meetfox has never been easier. There is the option of embedding the booking page on a website, as well as sending a booking link. It makes the process up until the meeting itself as easy as can be and saves a lot of time for Michael and his clients. 

“Being able to just send links out to people to get meetings scheduled is awesome.”

Some people underestimate the importance of scheduling meetings. People generally have a shorter attention span. They want to do simple tasks that do not take much of their time. This has hit some businesses hard while others capitalize on it. Keep in mind that the heat that hardens clay is the same heat that melts butter.

As an ambitious relationship coach, Michael turned to MeetFox to make it easy for his clients to schedule with him. It may seem like a small convenience to his clients but it a very effective competitive advantage. It is these small things that separate successful businesses from those that fail.

The payments occur in a very smooth way as well as they happen automatically after each meeting has ended. This is one of our most appreciated features, which we are constantly improving to make sure we keep our high standards. 

“Being able to accept payments via Stripe, as I mentioned, has been seamless as well. It’s a great product!