Career guidance counselor Andree Harpur has a very busy schedule, having to book telephone consultations, link other career guidance counselors, and set up face-to-face meetings. This sounds like a simple task, but only if you have the right tools and software. Andree believes that proper online meetings tools have given her company an edge over its competitors.

Changing perspective with online meetings tools

Time is important in any business. Efficiency and professionalism help companies attract more clients. Andree, who recently switched to MeetFox due to its ease of use, says the tool has eliminated multiple steps in their business operations. It has “reduced back and forth emailing and negotiation about availability.” 

Andree’s switch to MeetFox was inspired by using a product offering more features. The software they used had limited usage. MeetFox has a smooth and more intuitive user interface, making it easy for anyone to use.

Andree’s company has several career guidance counselors who work under their umbrella. They need to be organized to better manage these professionals. Andree’s company integrated MeetFox (as a popup) into their booking process. They have received many compliments praising how organized they are.

“It has made our whole booking system so much more efficient because there is no need to go back and forth about date availability with each other, which can result in multiple emails back and forth.”

The rise of the digital age calls for individuals and companies to work smarter and not harder. This what Andree has done by eliminating multiple steps in doing simple tasks, thanks to MeetFox.

Businesses are leveraging new technologies and tools to stay ahead of the competition. It comes from trying new software tools and decoupling from the old ways of doing things. Andree is utilizing online meetings tools to her advantage.

Growing the business

Business growth comes in various forms. Acquiring new clients is even more important. After all, clients are the ‘oxygen’ that breathes life to businesses.

“I cannot compare how many new clients I got now versus before. I’m sorry.”

Andree’s company is looking more professional than ever before. They provide their clients with the birdseye view of their schedule. Clients look when they are available and schedule meetings where possible. The usual back and forth is a thing of the past. They use MeetFox to effectively schedule appointments that have a higher chance of being honored.

Managing a business is made simpler by incorporating tools that streamline your operations. Andree has a lot of things to do. She has to grow the business, establish relationships with clients and other career guidance counselors. Communicating effectively is a must.

All set up and good to go

Andree is no longer living in the past. Gone are the days of spending hours setting up meetings. She has to update her schedule for her clients to find a slot where they fit in. So, it’s a win-win for everyone. The monetization of meetings is a welcome development for Andree. Business operations are changing for the better.