Dr. Amin Talab is an international negotiations coach who advises corporate clients to improve intercultural negotiations. Based in Austria, he meets with plenty of clients regularly and uses tools to make his meetings more efficient. MeetFox has made managing administrative work much easier for him, leaving him with more time to focus on his clients.

MeetFox is Worth its Price

Prior to using MeetFox, Dr. Talab relied on vCita as his scheduling tool for many years. However, Dr. Talab didn’t find its benefits to outweigh its cost. He decided to look for a better alternative, and after researching other players in the industry, he decided on trying out MeetFox. He immediately found the service to be worth its price, and it has delivered a better experience and better results for him and his business.


“Meetfox was the first serious competitor and at a much better price. We jumped at the opportunity to try it out it ultimately decided to switch.”


A Convenient Virtual Personal Assistant

With many clients looking to book his time, Dr. Talab was often overwhelmed by the back-and-forth emailing and calls required to successfully fit his clients into his schedule. He wanted to make scheduling much more efficient for him and his clients without losing any time.

By using MeetFox, Dr. Talab was able to maintain great communication with his clients while avoiding the hassle of scheduling.  By clicking on his MeetFox booking profile, clients can easily and 24/7 view his availability and types of coaching sessions offered. Dr. Talab has also easily set his availability and prices for each individual service. This has made it much easier for potential clients to book him seamlessly.

Furthermore, Dr. Talab has enjoyed MeetFox’s website integration, which has allowed clients to easily book him through his personal website. They can easily click the calendar icon on his webpage to seamlessly schedule a consultation right there and then.


“There really is no point wasting time with exchanging e-mails to find a suitable date. MeetFox is like my personal assistant doing that for me.”

Ultimately, Dr. Amin Talab provides better service, support, and user experience by using MeetFox’s scheduling and integration capabilities. He mentions that even for those that aren’t too tech-savvy or dependent, MeetFox is a functional tool that will help them make their tasks easier.

“Regarding professionalism and convenience, Consultants and Coaches don´t get around using technology to support them. Go for MeetFox and you won´t want to miss it.”