The future of work and social interaction is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some will argue that the pandemic is only a catalyst for what was already in motion. Perhaps the only universal consensus at the moment is the need for secure digital tools to use when working remotely. The teleconferencing application MeetFox prioritizes data security to safeguard user data and privacy.

MeetFox data security

Zoom’s active daily users increased from 10 million to 200 million in the first quarter of 2020. Moreover, companies, governments, schools, and organizations working from home contribute to the surge in Zoom use.

However, this growth came with side effects. There are notable data security and privacy concerns around Zoom. As a consequence, the app’s security flaws have seen countries and private and public institutions ditching Zoom. German, Taiwan, the U.S. Congress, space exploration firm SpaceX, Google, and Singaporean teachers have all walked away from Zoom due to security reasons.

Will Zoom recover from this and come back stronger? Its a story for another day. Organizations, companies, individuals, and countries need to find a Zoom alternative. The data security-centric MeetFox has the potential to be a market leader in the teleconferencing segment.

Here are some reasons why MeetFox secures user communication.

MeetFox data security and encryption

All communication between your browser and MeetFox is transmitted over an encrypted connection using HTTPS) and TLS. HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This secures your web browsing experience.

Scheduled calls

A scheduled call generates a unique MeetFox link for the consumer. MeetFox stores the link in raw format. It is sent to the party which scheduled a call via email. MeetFox optionally sends the link to the participants via SMS before the meeting happens.

Video/audio call access

A video or audio call is accessible an hour before a scheduled meeting starts. It is accessible from the meeting provider’s dashboard. The consumer receives a unique link to access the meeting.

The access link is available until the end of the meeting. MeetFox’s meeting access expires when the call fails to take place six hours after it was scheduled to start.

Recorded calls

MeetFox records scheduled 1to1 meeting calls. The meeting provider is the only one who can record the call and change the recording settings before first access to the call. MeetFox informs the consumer that the meeting is being recorded when the call starts.

Moreover, MeetFox uses a third-party service provider for recording. Calls are recorded via Twilio servers which store the recording on its cloud servers. The recorded call is available to the meeting provider for 30 days. It is then removed from Twilio’s cloud servers.

Also, MeetFox does not collect or share your personal information with Twilio. However, MeetFox shares your location with Twilio for the latter to identify the closest media server for low latency.

Twilio is a reliable global provider of online communication infrastructure and is GDPR compliant.

Permanent rooms

MeetFox rooms for participants work in a way as “Unrecorded 1to1 calls.” The calls happen via Twilio media servers.


MeetFox sends optional reminders to the participants of scheduled calls. The SMS reminder contains information about the meeting details including a unique link to the call. MeetFox uses Twilio for this service. MeetFox shares your phone number with Twilio to enable the sending of SMS reminders.

Chat communication

MeetFox permanently stores all you chat communication on its servers in raw format. Users with known names and email addresses send an receive messages on MeetFox. Also, MeetFox anonymizes user identities when user accounts are removed.

Credit cards

MeetFox uses online payment technology firm Stripe – specifically Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. – for your credit card processing and storage. Stripe is a reliable international company that handles thousands of transactions every day. The financial technology firm is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the strictest level of certification possible for a payment processor.

A company achieves this high-level of certification by using state-of-the-art security. Stripe is GDPR compliant.

MeetFox cares for your data security

MeetFox is pulling all the stops to bring you a digital product you can rely on for your scheduling needs. Creating such a product requires hard work, planning, and strategic partnerships. Moreover, MeetFox partners with reputable companies. This is to give you peace of mind when you use the application for your needs.

Today, security is more important than ever. MeetFox uses Stripe for your payment processing. The financial technology has the highest level of certification in the payments industry.

Finally, MeetFox is all about saving you time. This is why it sends reminders to meeting participants to honor their obligations. MeetFox enables meeting providers to record the meetings.