‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ is not a motto you can afford to have as a business in a competitive industry. Every second counts, especially when you are trying to expand and increase your client base.

Why focusing on coaching is important?

As a coach or a consultant, you cannot waste time on long administrative tasks. If your competitors have been able to fit in more meetings, due to a more efficient business model, then it is natural that they will outgrow you. Therefore, you need to introduce new practices into your business to help you increase your productivity and focus on coaching/consulting.

It is important to focus on modern ways of eliminating time-consuming task, such as automated scheduling. Focusing on coaching, opposed to scheduling, is one certain way to not only maximise output but to also improve the customer experience. The more convenient you make the service for both you and your client, the more likely you are to retain clients and gain clients. Every step you add to the booking process decreases the chances that any client will schedule a meeting. For any booking system it is fundamental that it is streamlined.

How to streamline your scheduling?

If you want to simplify your scheduling process, making it easier for both you and the client to organise meetings, then you need to invest in an automatic scheduling service.

MeetFox can be integrated into your website, social media and emails, increasing the chances of bookings and saving you loads of time. Our service enables you to schedule, remind and meet up with the client all in one place. Our platform also allows you to maximise your time slots, to prevent you from wasting money. Now more than ever, video meetings are the best way to meet clients, they are approachable, easy and flexible.

Moreover, what MeetFox can offer you over other competitors is a one stop shop for all your needs as a coach/consultant. Most other providers can only offer a small proportion of what we offer on our platform.

Techniques to improve productivity

Stay Focused

People do not trust themselves to be disciplined, so stick to a strict routine to ensure maximum productivity. However, if you are an independent consultant, personal discipline is key. Without this, a small company can fall apart.

Goal setting

Setting goals enable you to visualise clear goals to evaluate your ability on a daily basis. These goals can help you reflect and evolve, having digestible tasks to achieve. Everything you do can be measured against this.

Critique yourself

Every day you should evaluate yourself against the tasks that you hoped to achieve. Look at the things that have gone successfully and give yourself constructive criticism. If you have been able to reach a target or objective reward yourself, if not don’t punish yourself just assess how you can adjust to be more productive.


If you follow all these tips you will be able to focus more time on coaching!


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