The path to self-employment brings with it many advantages and above all a lot of freedom. But especially at the beginning of this journey, it can as well bring pitfalls. Positioning yourself in a contemporary and innovative way and still building strong relationships with your clients is a challenge. Nowadays, the demand for a solid online presence is increasing. The right tools are always there – even though sometimes it’s not that easy.

1. Online presence

Especially at the beginning one of the most burning topics is building a solid client pool and getting customer attention. Many therapists still rely on well-tried methods to gain public presence. Especially in the field of psychological counseling, there are still many fears of contact with online performances and offers. Especially online platforms for psychologists can bring a lot of potential, as Instahelp or Talkspace proves. The platform enables psychologists to offer their consultations online and gives them the chance to reach out to their clients at any time. The inhibition threshold of availing psychological help through an online portal is significantly smaller than actually arranging a face to face meeting.

2. Rent a practice room – work flexibly

The day to day working life of self-employed has changed a lot throughout the past few years. Flexible and unattached work is gaining more and more appeal – both from clients and therapist side. Fixed practices with classic opening hours are increasingly outdated and make room for flexible workspaces that are tailored to the needs of our time. The online platform Inner Peace allows therapists and psychologists to book flexible rooms with just a few clicks. All available rooms are ideal for coaching, psychotherapy and counseling sessions.

3. Time management made easy.

With all the advantages that innovative and independent work may bring with it, it sometimes seems difficult to keep track of all upcoming appointments. MeetFox is a tool that can be used to digitize and streamline the entire customer interaction process. From appointments to video conversations and automatic invoicing. Experts spend up to seven hours a week purely on appointment and set-off – precious time that can definitely be better spent.