We can no longer afford to underestimate the effects of coronavirus. Some parts of the world are in lockdown or have experienced it. But life has to go on. Whether it’s outside or inside our homes. What should you do to go through this? A routine might help you cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

But not every routine is conducive for your personal and professional growth. Do you throw what you have been doing outside the window? No need to do that. Just evaluate your steps. And everything you do. 

But whatever it is, you need a good routine otherwise Covid-19 will wreak more havoc in your life.

Routine to get through Covid-19

Here are some tips to get you through this outbreak whether you are in quarantine or not. 


Let’s face it. Your professional life has to go on even if you are at home. If you can, you have to continue working from the comfort of your home.

There is a need for a healthy balance between family and work. While we can use this time to know about our family, we still need to show for our meetings on time. We need to honor online meetings.

And this is why scheduling is important. The best way to do it is to have scheduling tools like MeetFox. The software, available as a browser extension, makes it easy for you, your boss, or clients to schedule a meeting or video call with you.


Not many of us are commuting anymore. We have more time on our hands. This time won’t mean a thing unless we use it wisely. What are you planning to do with your free time?

We each have our sets of strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths. Create time to reflect on them. Feel good about them.

Planning is important 

Each day should be different even though the pattern is the same. Try to plan your day as precisely as possible. 

Balancing work and home life from a single location is not a walk in the park. It requires careful planning. Some would say down to a ‘T.’ Plan your meetings and video calls ahead of time.

No need to do it alone. Use a myriad of online tools you can find online. We have already mentioned MeetFox. It has a calendar in which your clients or bosses see when you are free and they schedule a meeting. No need to go back and forth to set up a meeting. It has both free and paid packages. 

Don’t forget to move

This pandemic has left us confined in our homes but it does not mean that we should say goodbye to physical activities. We don’t know when this pandemic will end. Some virologists don’t know either.

Life is a balance of your professional, family, and personal life. Take great care of your health through physical activities. We are already stressed as it is. We are worried about the virus in one hand and the economy in the other. 

It is normal to be stressed and anxious. That’s just the way the human mind operates. But we also need to find ways to deal with stress. Physical activity goes a long way in helping to deal with it.

Do some home exercise. Better for you if you have a home gym or gyming equipment. If not, you can even take up gardening. Or doing the dishes. It takes your mind off things. And prepares you for the next task. 

Your mental strength is complemented by physical conditioning. 

Keep in touch through video calls

Likely, you have not seen your family or friends for quite some time due to movement restrictions. We can’t meet with our friends and family, not because we don’t love them, but because we are required to show our love and care through social distancing. 

Thanks to the digital world, we are closer to them even though we are miles away. Phone calls are just not enough anymore. Video calls were made for occasions like these.

Share your important moments through video calls. Family meetings can be held using video calls. The same way you have been doing it for work purposes. MeetFox is up to the task. 

Limit your media consumption

The internet has made information dissemination very easy. But it has also become the capital for fake news and conspiracy theories. 

The disinformation is spreading faster than the coronavirus disease itself. And it is even scarier.

But it is not right in your face. You have the choice to avoid it. By limiting your media consumption. I know that you may have a routine to turn on the news about the Covid-19 disease. Gather your information from trusted sources. And don’t believe everything you hear. Try to verify it.

Sticking to your Covid-19 routine

Sticking to your Covid-19 routine will not be easy at first. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Times are bad enough. Let’s put smiles on our faces. Having an easy-to-follow routine is all you need. 

Start with the things that you can easily achieve. Then built on top of this. It’s like tricking your mind. And in the end, you realize that you have created something to be proud of.