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Brutkasten article

On average, there are 11 million meetings a day in the US alone. This fact, coupled with a rapidly changing work environment where more and more people want to earn money through meetings, underscores the importance of having a tool like MeetFox

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Brutkasten Interview

Every start-up has to go through some ups and downs, it can not run perfectly smooth all the time. Especially by pivoting our company to DerButton we learned a lot since we really believed in our initial product. After going through this process, we definitely know how to assess the feedback of our customers faster and more efficiently.

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DerButton is a SaaS-solution for independent entrepreneurs and can easily be integrated in websites, email signatures and all other marketing channels without prior technical know-how.

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Susanne Klepsch, founder of the start-up ‘DerButton’ impressed the jury with her professional performance on stage and won in the category “Best Pitch”.

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The viennese start-up ‘DerButton’ aims to simplify the day to day life of self-employed and knowledge service providers. Especially nowadays customers expect full transparency regarding pricing and availability, as well as quick responses and fast confirmations.

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The target group mainly consists of tax consultants, lawyers, IT-experts, creatives and all other fields that involve consultancy and individual contact, as well as a pool of one-person businesses, which increased to over 300.000 people in Austria in the past few years.

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With its all-in-one software, the start-up enables SMEs to digitise customer interaction and service provision.

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Coachfox is an online marketplace that connects people with first-class professional and personal coaches via video, audio, chat or in-person sessions.

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Whoever is looking for new professional challenges or needs help with the current job situation can easily get professional help through the platform Coachfox.

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International Coaching Federation

Coachfox is offering a tool for coaches, coachees and businesses to exploit the full potential of the digitalisation. Coaching appointments can easily be booked, held and invoiced.

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Pitch perfect: Susanne Klepsch, CEO of DerButton, pitched like a pro: enthusiastic, fact-based, to the point.

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What excites me, is to start something from scratch according to my own vision. It comes with a lot of risks and uncertainty, which is somehow definitely thrilling, but can as well lead to frustration. For sure I am learning a lot through this experience just by having to do everything myself. There is no such thing as a routine.

Susanne Klepsch

Media Planet

This feeling, of seeing your own business grow is just incredible. All the hard work does pay off an the motivation to make most of it just increases naturally.

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