Scheduling, Meeting, and Payment Processing for Nutritionists & Dietitians

Streamline your practice with automated scheduling and start saving time and money today. MeetFox helps you effortlessly book leads, accept payments and send automated reminders. Focus on your client's success, MeetFox handles the rest.

Scheduling, Meeting, and Payment Processing for Nutritionists & Dietitians
Booking pages for Nutritionists & Dietitians

The only software you need to run your nutrition practice

Scheduling, video meetings, instant payments - all in one place. Stop worrying about your schedule and start growing your business with MeetFox. Clients can now book a time slot based on your real-time availabilities so you can focus on other priorities. No more stress and hassle trying to schedule an appointment - have it done for you instead. 


Schedule clients 24/7
without lifting a finger

Nutritionists and dietitians use MeetFox, a safe and secure software to help them efficiently book, schedule, and meet with their clients. No more jumping from platform to platform or completing these tasks manually.

Hassle-free scheduling

Scheduling clients can be time-consuming and cause unneeded stress and frustrations. Enjoy automated scheduling so your clients can quickly and easily book a time that works for all parties. 

Convenient for your clients

Booking is incredibly quick and easy with intuitive features, so your client will know exactly what to do. Clients have come to prefer this automated process over traditional scheduling as it is designed with them in mind as well. 

Reminders & notifications

All parties will receive notifications, so they stay updated with what is going on. Reminders will be sent out, minimizing cancellations, no-shows and late appointments. 

Meet in person or via video

MeetFox works for in-person, on the phone, or virtual meetings. Better yet, enjoy an integrated video function with the click of a link to conveniently meet with your clients without technical difficulty.

Secure payments

The best thing about MeetFox is you won’t have to think about admin ever again. All tedious work is done for you - from accepting payments to issuing invoices. No more wasting time on these everyday tasks. 

100% Secure 

We understand the importance of maintaining privacy and security for your clients. MeetFox is 100% GDPR compliant to create a safe, secure, and private platform for you and your clients.



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"As a coach, I have one-to-one or group calls all the time. If I were to spend even as little as 5-10 minutes with each client to schedule our next meeting, it will quickly add up to a good chunk of my time being wasted unnecessarily. As a small business owner, I can’t afford to spend too much time doing activities that are not revenue producing. And the price I pay for MeetFox is far outweighed by the costs of doing this myself."


"I've embedded my booking page on my website for current and prospective coaching clients to schedule a meeting with me. Before, I simply had a submission form where they would express interest, and then I had to try to coordinate schedules. Not easy, considering my calendar is quickly packed on any given day, and changes several times throughout the day. The feature-set matches or exceeds everything you'd find from competing services, for a much better price. It's a great product!

Michael Sorensen - AUTHOR & COACH

Improve your business instantly

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Sign in and setup

Create and set up your account in a few minutes. You will receive a booking link and will be in control of your calendar so you can setup available time slots. MeetFox will handle the rest - synchronizing and updating as necessary. 

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Share with your clients

Share your link on social media, your website, email or anywhere else so clients can book and schedule their appointment. MeetFox handles the scheduling preventing double booking and also has payment capabilities to become the go-to-platform for you.

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Receive bookings

Clients will now book and set up their appointments and both parties will be updated as necessary. Spend less time organizing and more time growing your business and working with clients.

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Meet your clients

Have your appointment, whether it is on telephone, in person, or in a virtual video setting. No downloads are required minimizing difficulties and delays! It is that simple and easy! 

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Manage all your appointments with ease. Focus on your clients.

Free 15-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.