MeetFox now integrated on CoachDb

Let your clients make an appointment with you directly from your CoachDb profile and conduct it via video call. The digital assistant of MeetFox offers you all the features to easily offer coaching and consultations online.

Coach Datenbank Integration von MeetFox
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More meetings, less work.

Whether it is a phone call, a video meeting or a face-to-face session - MeetFox not only takes care of setting your meetings, but also handles all the administration for you. That way you can fully focus on your customers.


Grow your business with
quick conversions

Let new clients book sessions with you 24/7.
You can focus on growing your coaching business while we handle the details.

Individual booking page

Create a custom booking page with your unique branding and cater to your client’s individual needs. Whether they need face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or video - MeetFox makes it happen.
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Easy booking

Have a client who wants to book an appointment at midnight? MeetFox’ self-scheduling platform makes it possible without ever having to disturb you. Sleep better knowing that clients can book appointments with you 24/7.

SMS & email reminders

Gone are the days of no-shows with our automated reminder functionality built right into our platform. Change of plans? Allow for easy rescheduling. Your clients will thank you for it! 

Video meetings made easy

Create a seamless experience for every coaching client with our easy-to-use video meeting platform. Join with one click, record the session, share your screen and more.

Receive instant payments

Avoid the hassle of going on third-party apps and chasing payments. Instead, let clients pay you for your time directly when booking a meeting

Integrated in your workflows

Easily sync MeetFox with your calendar, customize meetings, and run your business with maximum efficiency. MeetFox is 100% GDPR compliant to secure data privacy.


Coaches & Institutes

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"As a coach, I have one-to-one or group calls all the time. If I were to spend even as little as 5-10 minutes with each client to schedule our next meeting, it will quickly add up to a good chunk of my time being wasted unnecessarily. As a small business owner, I can’t afford to spend too much time doing activities that are not revenue producing. And the price I pay for MeetFox is far outweighed by the costs of doing this myself."


"I've embedded my booking page on my website for current and prospective coaching clients to schedule a meeting with me. Before, I simply had a submission form where they would express interest, and then I had to try to coordinate schedules. Not easy, considering my calendar is quickly packed on any given day, and changes several times throughout the day. The feature-set matches or exceeds everything you'd find from competing services, for a much better price. It's a great product!

Michael Sorensen - AUTHOR & COACH

How to integrate on CoachDB

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Set up your booking link

Sign up with MeetFox and create your own custom booking link in a matter of minutes. Define your meeting types (phone, face-to-face or video meetings), set your availability, determine your coaching fees, synchronize your calendar and you are good to go.

To benefit from your CoachDb discount and use MeetFox for free for 3 months follow these steps: select the PRO package, select "Monthly pricing" and enter the code "coachdb" in the voucher field. Once you hit "Checkout" the price will turn to zero and all additional features will be magically added to your profile.

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Add MeetFox to your online presence

Now that MeetFox is all set up, make sure your clients can benefit from the easiest way to get in touch with you. Simply add your MeetFox calendar link to your CoachDb profile, to your website, email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social media platform with ease. Just copy and paste to ensure that your clients convert at the peak of their interest.

How to add MeetFox to CoachDb

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Schedule meetings and get paid

All of your scheduling is automated online through MeetFox. Clients can check your availability and book a coaching session at their convenience. Tired of chasing your clients for payments? Let MeetFox collect your payments for you to ensure that no minute of your time is lost.

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Meet your clients

No need to download video calling apps, send app links, or create logins for your clients. They simply click on a video link and join from any device. The entire video calling experience can be customized to your needs to ensure you are offering the best meeting experience out there - no matter if it's a coaching session or a introductory call with an institute,

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You are only 2 minutes away from saving 6 hours every week.

Free 15-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.
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