Sebastian Peter is the CEO of Paloo, a mortgage advising company. He frequently meets with clients to provide mortgage advisement, and MeetFox has enabled him to make scheduling those meetings more seamlessly integrated into his business.

Simplifying Scheduling

To avoid the hassle of back-and-forth emailing with clients, Sebastian introduced MeetFox to his business. He loves that his clients can easily book a video or audio call with him without having to register for another third-party application. Sebastian simply shares his MeetFox booking profile with his clients, and they can 24/7 easily look at his availability and pick an open slot. This cuts out a middle-person handling the booking, and automates it for efficiency. 


“It is simply brilliant that the customer can decide for himself when booking an appointment whether he wants to make a phone call or a video call.”


Maintaining Trust and Reach over Video Calls

Trust is an important part of Sebastian’s job. Since he’s consulting his clients on financial matters, he prioritizes fostering a trusting relationship between him and his clients. This has been manageable with in-person interactions; however, it becomes a bit more complex during online interactions.

Luckily, Sebastian has been able to uphold this value by using MeetFox’s video and audio call features. MeetFox’s secure communication connections ensure that all meeting participants feel comfortable enough to dive into their consultations. 

Furthermore, using MeetFox’s video and audio capabilities has allowed Sebastian to consult clients outside of his immediate area. Sebastian shares that 80% of his appointments are telephone based, whereas the other 20% are in-person. He’s able to reach many more prospective clients and offer his services to them. Since using MeetFox video consultations, Sebastian has acquired 40 new customers.


“Our greatest benefit is the expansion of our reach when customers want to look us in the eye, but simply live too far away.”


Sebastian has saved plenty of time using MeetFox, and is excited to keep leading his online meetings with more efficiency. We’re excited to see how many more customers he’ll connect with via our platform to continue providing the best client support.