There are many situations where teachers are speaking to a number of students. Also known is the debate about the amount of students that should be in one classroom which still rages on. There is clearly nothing wrong with students learning together. Also, a capable teacher can often ensure that dozens of students understand the material well. However, what about 1:1 meetings? How often does your school have them?

The truth is that students often benefit tremendously from some one-on-one time, even if it’s something that a school doesn’t emphasize. However, it can be extremely difficult for a teacher to make sure that a student is reaching their goals without speaking to them individually. MeetFox can allow for this 1:1 interaction, and here are some ways in which schools can benefit from these one-on-one meetings.


 Teachers often don’t need hours to figure out where exactly a student is at in their stage of learning. In fact, it might only take several questions to figure out where a student is faltering, and address something that they might be missing or confusing.

 If you are interested in true assessment, a quick 1:1 video conference can help schools understand what exactly is happening in a student’s mind. Also, it can be helpful in order to figure out exactly why they find it hard to grasp specific concepts. Meetfox is a great tool that can help assess a student’s learning level.


Encourage Self-Reliance

In a classroom, there are all sorts of ways for students to figure out the correct answer. They might browse on their smartphone, and raise their hand once they realized that they have found the answer on the Internet. Many students may also turn to other students to make sure that they have the right answer, without actually thinking about it themselves.

With 1:1 conferencing, students are forced to explain how they came up with a certain answer THEMSELVES. This can furthermore help them feel more self-reliant and better about the material. A student cannot copy someone else’s work in a 1:1 meeting, and it’s a great way to encourage students to be self-sufficient. In this way, Meetfox can help students find the answer for themselves, and learn the right way.


Eliminate Distractions

A classroom can often be distracting. Students might want to learn the material, but might be distracted thanks to friends, crushes, class clowns, and more. If you want to make sure that your students are successful, a 1:1 meeting can help to eliminate those distractions. It can also help really illuminate what the student understands, and what he/she doesn’t understand.


Adapt To The Student

Many students learn in so many different ways. A teacher might realize that a particular student responds to a certain teaching style, or understands a specific metaphor when it comes to their subject. A 1:1 meeting allows them to personalize that way of teaching, even if it might not be beneficial to other students. It’s also important to consider different student personality types, as well. 

If a teacher knows that a student is passionate about a certain subject, they might re-frame a metaphor to make a concept be easier to understand. Similarly, they might adapt their teaching style to fit a students’ personality, based on their own past experiences. Either way, a 1:1 meeting allows for maximum adaptability. 

A Safe Conversation

 In a 1:1 meeting, a student doesn’t have to worry about being made fun of for asking certain questions. Moreover, this might be the key to making sure that they are properly educated. After all, curiosity can lead to many answers – but how will a student ever learn if they are afraid of being judged for asking?

With 1:1 meetings, there are no other students to laugh, scoff, or insult you for what a student does or doesn’t know. For some students, this kind of safe space makes them feel much more comfortable about learning. After all, this comfort might be the key to their success.


Improved Communications

There might be situations where a teacher simply doesn’t understand a student’s thought process or mindset. 1:1 learning can help keep the communication clear. A student might want feedback on a certain assignment. Also, he might want to figure out more about a concept that wasn’t discussed that much in class.

In this way, a 1:1 meeting with a teacher and student can go a long way towards improving communication. A student might find that he/she benefits more from personalized learning, as well.



Students often face all sorts of challenges when it comes to learning. Many students are distracted, thanks to people in their classroom or technology on their smartphones. Other students might also be afraid to ask questions that they consider “dumb”, or simply don’t want to be judged with others in the classroom.

1:1 learning can help with teacher-student relationships and communication, but that’s not all. It might also help teachers figure out “where” exactly a student is in terms of a subject. Furthermore, this can encourage the students to learn more on their own. Schools can improve the way that students learn significantly, thanks to 1:1 meetings.